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They got Steven Spielberg to make a 10 star movie to promote soldiers to fight this was known as saving private ryan and they war ended very un peacefully. Also they started a super soldier program lead by Colonel Nick Fury and run by lead Scientist Anthony Stark and they created and perfected the super soldier serum but it has only been perfected on One soldier known as Captain Rogers who single handly stooped the Nazi's and killed Hitler and won the was on the European front but he got frozen in time and is lost until we find the American hero

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Q: How did the League of Nations contribute to World War II?
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What did the League of Nations do in World War I?

The League of Nations did not exist until 1920.

What is one important international organization that was formed after World War?

The League of Nations was formed after World War I and the United Nations after World War II, replacing the League of Nations. On A+LS its United nations

Was the League of Nations active during World War 2?

the league of nations was like the untited nations

Was the League of Nations formed before or after world war 1?

The League of Nations was formed after World War 1, as part of the Peace Treaties that ended that war.

How did the US contribute to World War 2 prior to officially declaring war?

I suppose that they should not support the Treaty of Versailles and refuse to join the League of Nations.

What was the league of nations equivalent after World War 2?

The United Nations.

What organization was designed post-World War 1 to help keep world peace?

The League of Nations The League of Nations

The United Nations was organized after which war?

After the Second World War. It replaced the "League of Nations" which had been formed after the First World War.

How did the League of Nations contribute to World War 2?

I would not say the League contributed to it but it was completely ineffective in preventing or checking the aggressive designs of the axis powers. Michael Montagne

Why wasn't the League of Nations part of the World War I?

This is because Utah rebelled against Canada which is why the league of nations wasn't part of world war 1

What did Japan's successful invasion of Manchuria in 1931 indicate about the ability of the League of Nations to prevent World War 2?

The League of Nations was viewed by the world as "the league of the victors of World War 1" rather than a fair league for all nations. Most nations ignored the League and their goals therefore the League did little to prevent World War 2. The Treaty of Versailles was also connected to the League of Nations and many nations resented that Treaty. This was a major contributing factor of the reasons for World War 2 being started and fought.

The League of Nations was formed at the end of what war?

World War 1 World War 1

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