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Maine accent is creation pedogogic effects related to your pedagogs means teachers, mother, father, other people near to you who leads infant, child's and teach them every aspect of world to be self sufficient and compatible to the world in which they are born. Starting from it's birth infant start to develop it's vocabulary it may be human being or as wel as animal, It will have a powerfull urge to grab, to grasp everything what they listen and come in to contact, And hence vocabulary,or accent will start to develop like sparrow will have their own accents, which assent is gifted to it's youngone. PIYUSH HARIYANI

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2011-09-12 20:49:44
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Q: How did the Maine accent develop?
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Do most people in Maine have a thick accent?

No, most people in Maine speak with a typical New England accent. Only some sound a little "hillbilly-ish."

What would happen if a bird stayed in the north for winter?

It would develop a bizarre accent.

Why in England speaking more fast that in us?

People's intonation changes over years people develop new habits which get passed on along to other people to develop what you call an "accent".

Do people from Rhode Island have an accent?

Yes, as one might expect from geography, it is similar to the Boston accent, but with some differences. Like the Boston accent, it is non-rhotic (the 'r' in many words is almost silent). Unlike the Boston accent, there is (sometimes) an emphasis on the 'aw' sound ("Prawvidence"). When people from RI travel to Maine, their accent is perceived to be closer to that of Brooklyn or New Jersey. Of course, when they travel south or west of Pennsylvania, it's just perceived as "Yankee".

Does US Ambassador to the United Nations Samantha Power have an Irish accent?

Not really. Her accent is much more American than Irish, even though she was born in Ireland. It is likely that because she came to the US at age 9, that she did not develop an accent. Additionally, she is from Dublin, which is notorious in Ireland for having many more foreigners and a much less "distinctively Irish" accent.

How could one improve their American accent?

One can only improve their American accent with practice. As with accents from any language, practicing speaking with American people will help one develop better speaking skills of the language.

Why do canadians have an accent?

Accents develop naturally as individual regions begin to pronounce words differently than the shared ancestral pronunciation. Every person has an accent, the only difference is that it is very rare that people who live in the same place throughout their lives notice their accent because everyone in their vicinity has the same accent, but journey far enough away and these people will discover that everybody thinks that they have the odd accent.Since Canadians likely live far away from you, they would appear to have an accent relative to your accent.

What is Maine known for?

Lobster I think but I m not sure about it. It is also called the Pine tree state. So that what Maine is known for. Exports: Potatoes, Lobster, Blueberries Land: Wilderness and Trees upstate, over a thousand miles of a rocky coastline Animals: Lobster, Moose Other: Downeaster Accent (no r's, replace with ah), County Accent (too many rs) Author: Stephen King - Horror Novelist

Why American accent do not possess rules or origin?

Accents come from the community you grew up in. USA is a very large area. Those groups that are known for little movement develop and accent known for that area. The South East had little movement during the 1800-1900 and therefore developed a strong regional sound. California had many immigrants from the East so they did not develop a regional sound. Louisiana has a French accent developed from the Acadians of Nova Scotia moving to that area.

Is an accent aigue an acute accent?

"Accent aigu" is the French term for "acute accent."

How do you say 'accent' in french?

an accent is 'un accent' in French

Which is hotter a southern accent or a jersey accent?

the Southern Accent

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