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The Second Vatican Council was only held fifty years ago, in the Church's history, that is practically overnight. The influence of the Second Vatican Council will not be able to be evaluated for another 50 to 100 years.

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Q: How did the Second Vatican Council influence the history of the Church?
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What has the author Gilles Routhier written?

Gilles Routhier has written: 'Vatican II' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, History, Influence, Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965) 'Receptins De Vatican II'

What was the Second Vatican Council changes on beverages in church?

The Second Vatican Council said nothing about beverages in Church.

What has the author Giampiero Forcesi written?

Giampiero Forcesi has written: 'Il Vaticano II a Bologna' -- subject(s): Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965), Church renewal, Influence, Catholic Church, History

What Were The Structural Changes Made as a consequence of the council known as vatican 2?

The Second Vatican Council was a pastoral Council, it made no changes to Church doctrine, or to the structure of the Church itself.

What is one doctrine that came from Vatican Council II?

There were exactly no doctrines defined at the Second Vatican Council. The Second Vatican Council was the first purely pastoral council ever held in the Church.

What was the Second Vatican Council about?

The Second Vatican Council was an Ecumenical Council called by Blessed Pope John XXIII to "update" the Church in relating to the modern world.

When did the catholic church start saying mass in English?

After the Second Vatican Council (Vatican II).

What was going on in the church when Paul VI was the pope?

Vatican Council II

What has the author Bernard C Pawley written?

Bernard C. Pawley has written: 'The Second Vatican Council' -- subject(s): Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965) 'Anglican-Roman relations and the Second Vatican Council' -- subject(s): Anglican Communion, Catholic Church, Christian union, Church of England, Ecumenical Councils and synods, Ecumenical movement, Relations, Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965) 'Looking at the Vatican Council' -- subject(s): Vatican Council (2nd : 1962-1965)

Where do councils in the Church get their names?

Most receive their name from the location where the council is held, such as the council of Trent, Vatican Council, etc.

Who convoked the council of the Church in 1959?

Pope Blessed John XXIII convoked the Second Vatican Council.

What are the ecumenical councils of the Catholic Church?

The Catholic Church has had 21 ecumenical councils:First Council of NicaeaFirst Council of ConstantinopleCouncil of EphesusCouncil of ChalcedonSecond Council of ConstantinopleThird Council of ConstantinopleSecond Council of NicaeaFourth Council of ConstantinopleFirst Council of the LateranSecond Council of the LateranThird Council of the LateranFourth Council of the LateranFirst Council of LyonSecond Council of LyonCouncil of VienneCouncil of ConstanceCouncil of FlorenceFifth Council of the LateranCouncil of TrentFirst Vatican CouncilSecond Vatican Council

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