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Probably from the Longhorn Bulls that reside in Texas. The Daily Texan's sports editor (and later editor), D.A. Frank, was the first to use "Longhorns" in the newspaper when referring to the Texas football team during the 1903 season. Prior to that point, the team had been known as "Varsity." Texas Varsity was sporadically referred to as the "long horns" by some Texas sports writers beginning in 1900. However, David Frank, Alex Weisburg (editor) and one other individual, made the choice to always refer to University of Texas sports teams as "Longhorns" and believed that if they used the name consistently it would eventually catch on with students, faculty and the alumni. By 1906, the name was official. "Longhorn" was chosen as a name because the particular breed of cattle was an integral part of Texas history and for many represented a unique tenaciousness, strength and individuality. For them, the Longhorn was symbolic of Texas and therefore appropriate for the University of Texas. An actual longhorn was presented in 1916 by Stephen Pinckney to the University of Texas to serve as a mascot. Longhorns were introduced to the longhorn during halftime of the Texas Longhorn versus Texas A&M football game. The Longhorns went on to win the game 22-7. That December, Ben Dyer stated in the Texas Exes Alcalde: "His name is Bevo. Long may he reign!" The following February, a group of Texas A&M students broke into the stockyard where Bevo was being held and branded him with "13-0," the score from A&M's 1915 victory over the Longhorns. Many A&M students have since told the fictitious story that the name "Bevo" originated with Longhorns attempting to alter the 13-0 brand. Bevo I was later served as the main course of the 1920 Longhorn football banquet. The A&M football team was invited to attend and was given the portion of the hide which still read "13-0." 107 years after Varisty being referred to as "long horns," the University of Texas Longhorns have one of the most distinctive mascots in College Sports.

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Q: How did the Texas Longhorns get their name?
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