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they broke stills, arrested moonshiners and raided clubs

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Q: How did the US authorities try to enforce prohibition?
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How did the government enforce Prohibition in US?

With armed, sometimes lethal, force.

What made it difficult to enforce prohibition?

Prohibition was difficult to enforce due to widespread public opposition, lack of resources for enforcement, and the rise of organized crime involvement in illegal alcohol production and distribution. Additionally, the ban on alcohol led to underground speakeasies and an increase in corruption among law enforcement officials.

What is the most valid generalization to be drawn from the study of Prohibition in the US?

# Social attitudes can make laws difficult to enforce

Why did Prohibition not succeed even when it became part of the US Constitution?

Because so many millions of people opposed it. The Constitution can't enforce itself.

Can you go get a person from Mexico?

Forcefully? No; it is considered kidnapping by Mexican laws. If the person is a wanted felon, US authorities will enforce the existing extradition treaty between Mexico and the United States, but the capture will be performed by Mexican authorities.

Why was it difficult to enforce prohibition laws?

Illegal production and distribution of alcoholic beverages prevailed, and the US government did not have the means or desire to enforce the prohibition required by the act. Organised crime took it on, was successful, and profited greatly and would be drinkers combined with them flocking to speakeasies and icarried booze in hip flasks, hollowed books etc. There is a saying that the good law is that which reflects what most people are doing. Prohibition set itself directly contrary to that.

What does the prohibition party stand for?

The Prohibition Party, which still exists in the US, calls for the prohibition of the sale of alcoholic beverages.

When did prohibition starts in US?

National Prohibition began on January 17, 1933.

What is a sentence using prohibition?

National Prohibition failed in the US and in other countries.

How successful was the US government in enforcing prohibition?

The enforcement of Prohibition was highly ineffective.

18th amendment prohibition ratified treaty of Versailles?

No. It created National Prohibition in the US.

How did immigrants in cities respond to prohibition?

Immigrants in cities responded to prohibition in various ways. Some immigrants may have continued to consume alcohol illegally, while others supported and participated in the bootlegging industry. Additionally, immigrant communities often formed social clubs and organizations that provided spaces for the production and consumption of alcohol outside the reach of law enforcement.