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How did the apartheid make Nelson Mandela feel?


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The apartheid made Nelson Mandela feel unhappy. He knew he had to make a difference in peoples lives, if he didnt, nobody would.

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Nelson Mandela ended the Apartheid in South Africa

to make an equal community and end apartheid :D Mandela rox

Nelson Mandela made peace by terminating the apartheid regime. Nelson also laid the foundation for a new democratic South Africa.

he fought against the apartheid regime (segregation) in South Africa. (he did go into prison though)

he stoped the apartheid in south Africa to becom the first south African president

Nelson Mandela helped to liberate South Africa.

Nelson Mandela is known as the most renowned African politicians. He fought for African rights against the white oppressive rule of apartheid and helped make South Africa one of the most democratic countries in Africa.

Nelson Mandela was the President of South Africa from 1994 until 1999. He not only worked to change the country during his presidency, he took action throughout his life. Some of the changes Nelson Mandela made was to transition South Africa away from the racist policy in place by the apartheid. He was also a strong supporter of education throughout the country.

Nelson Mandela wanted to make his country, South Africa, a symbol of reconciliation. He went from being a political prisoner in the apartheid state of South Africa to former President of South Africa after its political revolution.Even though he and his fellow black Africans suffered, he wanted to include the white demographic in the new government of South Africa after apartheid.

As a young boy, Nelson Mandela learned about the struggles of his ancestors. After hearing these stories, Mandela decided he wanted to make a difference.

Martin Luther King Jr., Gandhi, and so many more inspired Nelson Mandela to make a change to the world

he tryed to make everyone equal.

The time period when the Fair- skinned people felt Superior and started ruling the dark- skinned people was known as the Apartheid. Nelson Mandela fights for the rights of dark- skinned people. He wanted to make the Europeans realize that all are equal in this world and nobody has the rights to judge or rule anyone else in this world.

Nelson Mandela helped to make peace between the white (or Afrikaans) population and the black (or kafir) population of South Africa.

The tough decision that Nelson Mandela made; in my opinion; is the cancellation of racism and imposing equal human rights irrelevant to color or religion.

That does not make any sense what so ever.

Nelson Mandela stood for values such as peace, justice, and civil rights. He believed in equality for everyone, and fought hard to make sure that he was able to receive the same treatment that the white people did.

he got a Nobel peace prize which is very hard to get.

Perhaps the most remarkable thing about Nelson Mandela is the fact that he could spend such a long time in prison, and still come out ready to make a change. He was able to do anything that it took in order to get what he wanted to for him and his people.

He Gave Rights To The Black People Of South Africa.

he became the first African American president in south Africa

1+1=2 did you know that? 2+2=4 did you know that?

People think Nelson Mandela is a very important person who made a change in this world, by thinking about the country he wanted to live in, and thinking, "I don't want to live in a country like this, so I'm going to make a difference."

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