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You can imagine that they would not be happy about it. They trained for years, put their lives on the line (and some DID die) trying to achieve this goal. These were military men who put a lot of emphasis on HONOR. To have seemingly dishonorable, amoral people who have achieved little in their lives accuse them of questionable behavior, is more than an affront to their character. We live in a society where ANYONE has the right to say or question anyone; the astronauts acknowledge this, even fought to protect this right, but they don't always have to like it.

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Q: How did the astronauts feel when people said they faked the landing on the moon?
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How do people feel about the first moon landing?

I feel very proud. Not of the US, but of the guys who did it. Those astronauts are my personal heros. And instead of national pride in the landings, we should feel proud for the brave pilots and the mission controllers and guys who build the spacecrafts. Some idiots feel it was faked. However, they are idiots and merit no attention.

Why do astronauts become astronauts?

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How did the astronauts know the moon was safe?

While they didn't know with absolute certainty that it was safe, previous unmanned missions to the moon (such as the Surveyor missions) had proven quite successful, and while no mission like the moon landing can ever be completely safe, the astronauts didn't feel they were taking any undue risk with their lives.

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Astronauts feel heavier during launch because of the upward motion of the spacecraft. This has the effect of adding extra "g's," or gravity forces, making everything seem heavier while the thrust is occurring.

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