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we were feared of due to the technology of the atom bomb.

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Q: How did the atom bomb contribute to the Cold War?
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What did the development of the atomic bomb in 1949 contribute to?

The cold war intensified when the USSR tested their bomb in 1949.

Why did the detonation of the atom bomb cause the cold war?

The use of the atomic bombs in 1945 did not 'cause the Cold War'.

Did the cold war begin when Soviet Union dropped an atom bomb?


How was the atom bomb a contribtor of the cold war?

The atom bomb struckterror into the hearts of people and as a result of the Russians being able to produce them the Arms industry in the USA had the public of the world over a barrel by convincing them that they must contribute ever increasing amounts of money to an arms build up that supposedly averted the threat that the Russians posed to the world. without it there would have been no cold war.

Who had the bomb in the cold war?

The Americans had it first (1945), the Soviets second (1949), and the British, French, and Chinese after. India, Pakistan, and Israel also developed the atom bomb in the Cold War period.

How did the Cold War arise from the Munich Accord?

The Cold War arose from the Atom Bomb. It was nuclear weapons that created a military stand-off between the USSR & the US. Otherwise, it would have been a regular conventional war. Cold War=No War

Who perfected the atom bomb during World War 2?

Your Mom perfected the atom bomb.

How was the war in The pacific won?

Atom bomb

What were some roadblocks from making the first atomic bomb in the United states during the cold war?

The first atomic bomb was engineered in WWII, not the Cold War. The Hydrogen Bomb was a Cold War Weapon.

What are causes of cold war?

The Atomic Bomb caused the cold war.

How did people react to the atom bomb?

People feared it. some thought U.S.A. could control the world and that's what started the cold war.

What did Franklin D. Roosevelt have to do with the cold war?

FDR died before the first A-bomb was detonated. The A-Bomb created the cold war. FDR had nothing to do with the cold war.