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Most British people were poor from 1550 to 1650 AD. It was a struggle to survive whether people lived in the city or the countryside.

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What were people concerned about in Britain 1550-1650?

A concern for British people between 1550 and 1650 was the conflict within the Church of England. High Church 'Cavaliers' and Low Church Puritans vied for political dominance.

How did people live bewteen 1550-1650?

The people who lived from 1550 to 1650 lived under the reign of Queen Elizabeth I. This time was a time of Catholic rule and destitution.

What was life like in Britain between 1550-1650?

pretty good!

What were people concerned about in Great Britain on 1550-1650?

Shakespeare, meng

What sports were played between the years of 1550-1650?

sports were not invented until 1783.

What was going on in Africa between 1550 and 1650 ad?

Between 1550 and 1650 AD Europeans were purchasing people in Africa to place in slave trade. To purchase humans from Africa the Europeans were trading products such as glass beads and iron bars.

What happened in Spain between 1550 and 1650?

they all died

What was England's historyfood from 1550-1650?


What was the population of Denmark from 1550-1650?


What were British people concerned about in the period between 1550 and 1650?

the biggest thing british people were focused on was the colonization of the new world.

Who were some important people in Australia during 1550-1650?

Willem Janzoon was an important person in Australia between 1550 and 1650. He was a Dutch explorer who first set foot on the land in 1606. He and others explored the land but did not make any settlements for over a hundred years.

What were the people concerned about 1550-1650?

From 1550 to 1650, people in Europe were concerned about the New World and how they could form companies in the New World. There were many European interests sending people to harvest timber and seek out a new place to explore during this 100 years.

What happened in Germany 1550-1650?

nothing happened

British history 1550-1650 plus role of men?

british history 1550-1650 role of men

What were significant names in denmark in 1550-1650?

The population was 3,223,476.

What happened between the Spanish and the Pueblos from 1550 to 1650?

They had died off from the other tribes.

What did the Britain eat on 1550-1650?

The people of Britain at foods that they hunted or grew in 1550 to 1650. Common foods included potatoes, corn, meat from deer, boar, and fish. They also ate food items like bread and butter.

How did british people live in 1550-1650?

Technically, there were no British people in 1550-1650 since Britain wasn't formed until 1707. During that time span, England experienced an industrial boom that benefited the wealthy and middle classes. The poor were often farmers who subsisted on the land.

What was some inventions during 1550-1650?

In 1650, Otto Von Guericke invented the air pump.

What is a timeline of European history from 1550-1650?

I am from European and there is a lot you need to learn!!!!!!!!!!!

Living conditions in british history durning 1550-1650?

The living conditions in British history during 1550-1650 were not desirable. There was frequent violence and the environment was unsanitary and lacked proper hygiene.

World History 1550-1650?

Some world events that occurred between 1550 and 1650 were that Queen Elizabeth I became the ruler of England and Ireland. The Peace of Westphalia agreement was made to end the Thirty Year War in India and Germany. The first French settlement was made in Quebec.

One result of contact between the spanish and the pueblos from 1550 to 1650 was?

a vast decline in the Pueblo population

What was British society like in 1550-1650?

it was very poor and not worth any thing

Shake-speare before and after his death in 1550-1650?

didn't have much to say,.