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Answering "What are the historical development of hospitality industry in late 19th century-20th century

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Why did the lumber industry develop?

how did the lumber industry develop canada

Why is it important for a country to develop as much industry as possible?

it is important for a country develop as much industry

What are the Countries that existed hospitality industry during early age middle age and 18th-19th century?

There was no "hospitality industry" in these times. People were lucky to be alive and they didn't travel much beyond 5 miles from home. The idea of hospitality is a modern one and began to develop in the late 1800's and early 1900's, but really grew in the 1920's. One of the things that added to it was the invention of the car so people needed places to stay when they travelled.

Historically the sociological perspective was most likely to develop in?

isolated villages

Where did the space industry develop during the 1960s?

in the 1960s where was the space industry

Where did the faith of Catholicism historically develop?

It came from Jesus Christ and was instituted by the apostles

How do you develop hotel industry?

press "h"

The first great industry to develop in the late 1800s and early 1900s was the?

The Railroad Industry

Why did industry develop in northern France?

natural resources

How does hospitality management training benefit a student?

Hospitality management training will help you develop the necessary skills to work with people. In hotel chains, it is especially important that you can deal with the public in a polite and friendly way.

Who helped develop the radio broadcast industry?

David Sarnoff

How did Russia develop?

Cosmic programmes, Industry, Electronics etc.

What is being done in Mauritius to develop the tourism industry?


Where did mercantilism develop?

Mercantilism developed in Europe around the late 16th to 18th centuries

Why did some southerners want to develop industry in the region?

To make it easier for them to develop the money used in the sell of cotton

Earliest historically documented people of Mesopotamia were the?

The earliest historically documented people of Mesopotamia were the Sumerians. They lived about 5,000 years ago and were the first people to develop cities with schools and writing systems.

Historically how did the Jury system develop?

For a brief, simnplified explanation, See:

What was the effect of imperialism in Libya in the 1800s?

it helped them develop the oil industry

The first industry to develop a large scale management bureaucracy?


Need for industrialisation?

We need industry to develop one<s country

How did the business machine industry develop?

The business machine industry emerged from the industrial revolution in the latter part of the nineteenth century.

Is it possible to develop an industry near national sanctuaries?

no. it is not possible to develop an industry near a sanctuary because the government does not give the authority to build it near the sanctuary as the pollution caused by it can be harmful to wildlife in the sanctuary

How did the cattle industry develop with railroads?

there were factors that helped the cattle industry the Railroads the indians the us army the comboys john iiif

What does HR department do in hotels?

The HR department plays a key role in the successful management of a hotel. The department hires and trains employees. It is also important that they develop employee retention strategies such as having an open door policy and also implementing opportunities for advancement, as turnover rates in the hospitality industry are high.

Why did industry develop during the nineteenth century?

Their economies remained rooted in agriculture.