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Q: How did the light bulb change American live?
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Where does a light bulb live?

In a lamp?

Could you live without the light bulb being invented?

Yes, we could still live without the light bulb as there are alternative sources of light such as candles, oil lamps, and natural daylight. The light bulb has made life more convenient and efficient, but it is not a necessity for survival.

Where did Thomas Edison live when he made the light bulb?

in a dark room

How has the light bulb changed our lives?

The light bulb revolutionized the way we live by providing artificial light, extending our daylight hours and increasing productivity. It also led to the development of various industries like manufacturing, entertainment, and urban planning, ultimately improving quality of life for people around the world. Additionally, the light bulb has fundamentally changed our habits and lifestyles by paving the way for 24/7 access to illumination.

Does improving energy efficiency reduce longevity of a device?

That's hard to compare; improving energy efficiency often requires you to change a complete device for another device, for example, a light-bulb for a light-bulb that uses different technology. Whether the new device will live longer depends on the technology used.

How did Albert Einsteins light-bulb change or shape the way you live today?

Albert Einstein's work on light and energy led to advancements in technology like LED light bulbs, which are more energy-efficient and longer-lasting than traditional incandescent bulbs. This has had a positive impact on reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions, shaping the way we live today by promoting sustainability.

How long did thomas edison work on the light bulb?

Thomas Edison worked on developing the light bulb for around 18 months before he successfully produced a commercially viable version in 1879. The invention revolutionized the way we live by providing a reliable source of light.

How long does an energy saving light bulb live for?

not very long.. they are really crap... i have one and its very dim...

How do you change a stop light on Skoda fabia?

I only have the answer for the rear lights. I hold this info from the technical workshop manual I had to buy in order to find out. Still beats being ripped off by the local garage... Before you do anything, please ensure you wear insulated gloves as you may come in contact with live wires. Open the boot of the car and look at the part of the boot which is directly behind the tail light. There is a fixing nut there which looks like a standard screw. Unscrew it and carefully remove tail light from the body of the car. Now disconnect the main connector that links all the bulbs to the rest of the car. You can now safely remove the bulb from the casing and replace it. When doen, reconnect the connector and run trhough these instructiosn in reverse order. Bulb references : Light bulb for turn signal : PY21W 12V 21W Left side Light bulb for fog light/right side light bulb for reversing light : P21W 12V 21W Light bulb for tail light : PY21W 12V 21W Light bulb for brake light : PY21W 12V 21W Good luck

What needs to be complete for a bulb to light up in a ciruit?

For a bulb to light up in a circuit, there should be a closed circuit with a power source (such as a battery), wires connecting the bulb to the power source, and the bulb must be functioning properly without any damage. When the circuit is complete, the electricity will flow through the wires and bulb, causing it to light up.

Can baby ducks live in captivity?

well it can if you have the right stuff for it like a 100w light bulb and some food & water.

Why did the breaker blow when I changed the light bulb?

Breakers don't blow, they trip. Do you mean a fuse? If you are talking about a breaker, you can reset it. Wether it was a breaker tripping or a fuse blowing from installing a new bulb, if the light switch was on when you installed the bulb you got an initial surge from the immediate completion of the circuit. The only thing to be cautious about is a possible fault in the light bulb base. See if the new bulb lasts or if it burns out quickly, you might have a short in the light fixture which needs to be addressed because it could be a fire/electrical hazard. -- If the bulb is a "bayonet cap" bulb there are two contact pads on the base of the bulb and two barbs protruding from the sides. When the bulb is first inserted, before twisting to lock, the bulb contact pads can bridge the live contacts on some light fittings and short the circuit, causing the breaker to trip. Always turn the light switch off when changing a bulb (usually the up position). If you are not sure where "off" is then turn the light circuit off at the breaker and use a table lamp for ambient light.