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How did the number seven become the most popular lucky number?

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In the game of Craps, you have two dice and bet on which number comes up. There are more possibly ways to make a seven then any other number therefore 7 is the number to bet on.

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How is the number seven lucky?

Usually people say that the number seven is lucky because that is how long God took to make the earth. (If that's your religion) Different numbers are lucky in different cultures. The number seven is lucky in several different cultures and for different reasons. Most of the time a number is considered lucky and has been for a long time, but no one remembers why that number was suppsed to be lucky.

Why is the number seven considered lucky?

The number seven is considered to be lucky by many people for various reasons that include that in the Bible it was considered a powerful number an mentions seven circuits of Jericho. Other reasons include that seven is the number of attaining the center in Buddhism, the Greek Pan had seven pipes, and there are seven cosmic stages.

What does the number seven mean in a relationship?

number seven is a lucky number for seven date in a good thing because yous are good together by: princes 201

Which shape is lucky?

The heptagon, because it has seven sides like the number 7. 7 is lucky from, "Lucky 7," and that's why the heptagon is a lucky shape, it has 7 sides!

What are the very lucky number?

What numbers are very lucky depends on what superstitions you believe in. Seven is believed to be a lucky number by many people, but so is 13 which is considered to be unlucky by other people.

What does the number 7 stand for?

The number seven can have a variety of meanings and some cultures believe that it is a lucky number.

What are some lucky numbers in Japan?

The number eight is lucky in Japan, based on the Kanji: 八 . It widens at the bottom, implying increasing prosperity. The number seven is also lucky, a product of Western influences. i believe that the lucky numbers are 2,4, and 7, and in Chinese the lucky number is 8.

What made Michael Vick choose number 7?

Michael Vick stats that he wears number seven because that is his lucky number he doesn't say exactly why only that it is his lucky number.

Any lucky number out here-?

Seven is widely considered to be the luckiest number. Thirteen is considered to be an unlucky number.

What is a happy and sad number?

The number seven or eleven are considered lucky when it comes to luck number 13 is suppose to be a bad luck number.

What is the answer to POW 11?

The answer is seven because i said so and you can't go wrong with the lucky number seven!!!!!!!!!!! GO LOOK UP FOR YOUR FACKING SELF!!!!!!!

What is the lucky 7 cheer for softball?

what is the lucky seven cheer for softball

Why do black belts end at 9th degree?

The number 3 is very important in Asian culture, so the number 3x3 is also very important. It's like a lucky number, just as seven is considered lucky in some Western cultures.

Why does eleven become so angry with seven?

Eleven become so angry with seven because eleven is an odd number but when seven wants to make out with him and add into him eleven becomes eighteen that is an even number and he gets angry over that.

Why number 7 is important to maranao people in the Philippines?

because they believe that number seven is a lucky number. And they have a great being, and it dividede the earht into SEVEN layers, so that number seven is important to maranao people in the philippines. i love carl villanueva taga COLM 3rd year liberty,

What facts are there about number 7?

It is a prime number It has only two factors which are itself and one It is a rational number because it can be expressed as a fraction in the form of 7/1 It is an odd number Its reciprocal is 1/7 Its considered by many to be a lucky number Its Roman numeral equivalent is VII

What is a good Halloween costume for a group of 7?

I would say- seven cheer leaders, like a squad. Seven people who has the theme of luck. (The number 7 is a lucky number) or anything you can make =D!

Is seven lucky in gambling?

never no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What is 13 minus 6?

13-6=7 The answer is seven,because seven is the lucky number!!!

Is Jenna one of the most popular girl names?

Yes, it is number seven on the list of most popular girls names

What is considered a lucky number in Egypt?

Egyptians find their lucky number to be 7, for it is that of 7 planets, 7 steps of the Pyramid of Meidum, a famous Egyptian Pharaoh, and other small things like 7 colours on the rainbow, The number of stars in the constellations of the Big Dipper and Orion, Seven years of plenty and seven years of famine in Pharaoh's dream (Genesis 41), and The number of palms in an Egyptian Sacred Cubit.

What rhymes with two thousand eleven?

Blue Mountain HeavenLucky Number SevenNew Cousin DevonSue Bounded Kevin

What is the movie where the mom dies and tells her daughter to go out with seven guys?

Lucky Seven

Is seven really lucky True or False.?


Why is the number seven a lucky number?

The number seven is the Number that God chose to represent completeness. Seven means that something is whole, full complete or perfect in some cases. Biblical text says it took God seven days to create the earth. It takes seven days to complete a week. Your head has seven openings (2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 nostrils, & 1 mouth). There are exactly seven moving heavenly bodies that can be seen in the sky (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn). Seven is a complete, or perfectness.