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Q: How did the people feel about king James 1?
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What ruler followed Queen Elizabeth 1?

King James. We have a river named for him right here in Virginia. We did have a town, Jamestown the first capitol of Virginia. There is even a version of the Bible that is named for King James. King James IV and I.

Who was the king after Charles 1?

There wasn't a King after King Charles I but there was Oliver Cromwell who ruled even though he wasn't supposed to. He was mean and strict, so the people kicked him out of Parliament and made King Charles II king, who was King Charles I son. Answer the question? Not to forget that there was a civil war, the Royalists (Kings people) against the Parliamentarians, who incidentally won that war. The country and Parliament realised having Oliver in charge as the Protector was not such a good thing, and as usual people close to him plotted and he was replaced by Charles 1 son Charles 11.

Why do people think that Queen Mary of Scots was 1st cousin to elizabeth the first when in fact they have the same father king Henry the 8th which made the 2 queens half sisters?

No !! Mary Queen of Scots & Elizabeth do not have the same father ! Elizabeths 1/2 sister is Mary Tudor, Queen Mary I. Mary Queen of Scots is Mary Stuart, mother of James VI of Scotland, James I of England. She is Elizabeths cousin not her half sister. Mary I is Elizabeths 1/2 sister. Mary I & Mary, Queen of Scots are two (2) different people !

Was King James 1 slave owner?

King James I of England (and VI of Scotland) like all his Stuart heirs (Charles II, James II, Mary II, William III and Queen Anne) happily funded the slave trade and, in the case of the later Stuart monarchs (and three quarters of the British Nobility) made absolute fortunes in it! Contrary to 'some' strange 'opinions' James was most certainly not 'fond' of black africans but treated the few he got his hands on with abysmal cruelty. On his marriage to Queen Anne in the deapth of a Scandanavian winter, he made two of his black slaves dance naked in the snow the better to show up their 'blackness' against the white landscape. They subsequently died of the cold.

Was James buchannon gay?

Yes,In Stories People Say he Kissed A Man. After Stories People found out he was gay. Then,1 Lady Saw im Kissing A Man At The Libary. So Yes He is Gay.

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