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How did the rectangle get its name?

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From its right angle. right angle --> rect angle.

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parallelegram is the name it is a rectangle that is sort of slanted

The name of the larger side of a rectangle is length

A 3x4 rectangle, a 5x6 rectangle a 78x2.3 rectangle and a 19x18.99 rectangle.

There is no such thing as an isosceles rectangle.

The name rectangle refers to the right-angled corners. A rectangle is a four-sided shape with right-angled corners.

A rectangle is irregular. The only regular rectangle is a square, so any rectangle that is NOT a square is irregular.

One name is a square because the word square is a special name for rectangle

Because they both have rectangle in their name!

A rectangle is also known as a 4 sided quadrilateral

Actually, there are several names for a rectangle that are correct. A rectangle is a polygon, a quadrilateral, and even, sometimes, a square.

Yes, Oblong is the name of a rectangle who's length is greater than it's width.

A rectangle is also a polygon, a parallelogram, and a quadrilateral with four right angles.

A rectangle is a rectangle no matter its orientation, it does not need to be horizontal or vertical to be a rectangle, the term applies only to the internal angle of the corners which of course must be 90 degrees.

paralelagram or quadrilateral

An oblong or a quadrilateral

A rectangle, and as a special case, a square.A rectangle, and as a special case, a square.A rectangle, and as a special case, a square.A rectangle, and as a special case, a square.

A polygon with 4 right angles is a rectangle. (A square is a "regular" rectangle.)

type your binweevil name in the top rectangle type your email in the bottom rectangle

Rectangle or Oval I think

You can also find it as trapezium.

A quadrilateral, a rectangle, a parallelogram