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They decided what their mascot w and then they would choose the colors for the mascot and thos e would be there colors.

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Q: How did the schools get their colors?
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Do your homecoming chrysanthemums have to be the schools' colors?

Often homecoming mums or chrysanthemums match the colors of the girl's clothing. But many will have school colors.

What color represents junior and senior?

It depends on your school. Different schools have different colors. The way most schools work is they pass down the graduating seniors colors to the freshman.

What is soddy daisy middle schools colors?

blue and gold

How many schools have colors in their name?

-Auburn -Brown -Navy

What are idaho's state colors?

The Idaho State University (ISU) was an alumnus of Princeton. Their schools colors were orange and black theme colors and had a tiger mascot.

What NCAA 4 schools that are colors?

Auburn, navy, brown, pepperdine

What is the stole color for a master's of education degree?

It depends on the schools colors.

Do any American high schools have pink as one of their colors?

yes they do.!

What are Johns Hopkins University colors?

The schools colors are yellow and black. Although for athletics, they use light blue and black.

Did Horce Mann steal Dunbar's colors?

Yes Dunbar is one of the oldest schools in the world. Their colors have ways been purple and gold.

What are perry hall middle schools colors?

We are the Panthers, so i am going with gold or black

What colors are mastery charter high schools uniforms?

Black pants and white shirts