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A simple queston with a very complex nature.

It all varies. Varies on country, which service (navy, army, etc), and war time situation.

Usually it goes something like this:

1. Enlistment

2. Bootcamp (6-13weeks)

3. Additional training at a military school for specific job (5-36weeks)

4. Training with one's specific unit (4-24weeks)

5. Deployment (ship or air transport)

But this is just a general idea, like I said, it all varies.

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Q: How did the soldiers get to the war after boot camp?
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Soldiers, after boot camp, can go to war, but often don't. They will most likely undergo some specialized training in boot camp, but might go to another camp, to learn more about their specialization and be with people who will be with you IF you even have to fight. If you're ancy about going to war, try the army reserve. They are a part of the army. You will meet regularly and the chance of going to war is decreased.

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