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Q: How did the spanish explororers save gas?
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How did spanish explorers save gas?

Spanish explorers sailed in ships using wind. They did not use gas.

How the Spanish explorers save gas?

They went three thousand miles on a galleon.

How did the spanish explores save gas?

They went three thousand miles on a galleon.

How did the spanish explores save gas math riddle?

they went three thousand miles on a galleon

How can you save gas in your 1990 gmc 4x4?

only way to save gas is to not drive

What does the spanish word save mean?

There is no Spanish word spelled "Save". However, "sabe" would sound almost the same as "save" when spoken in Spanish. Sabe is a form of the word Saber (to know) and can mean "he/she/it knows", or "you know" The Eglish word Save has three possible Spanish words. Salvar: to save a life, to rescue. Ahorrar: to save money or time. Comservar: To save resources, to conserve.

How do hybrid cars work, and how much gas do they save?

Hybrid vehicles run on gas and electricity working together. This will save on gas, making your vehicle more environmentally sound. In theory you would save about half on gas.

How can you save money on gas?

You can save money on gas by riding a bus to your work place. You can convert to ethonal or another fuel source. Not only will that save you money, it will save the enviorment.

Will a gas or electric Range save me more on my energy bills?

Gas Range save you more on your energy bills

How do you say Save the date in Spanish?

Save the date is: Reserva la fecha.

How do you save gas driving a steep hill?

You can save gas driving a steep hill by driving the car at a lower RPM.

What is a Spanish Gas mask?

A Spanish Gas Mask is where a Female snorts (not fully into the lungs) semen into her nostril, then tries to make a bubble, if a successful bubble has been created, you have a "Spanish Gas Mask".