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By supporting farming and trade.

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How did the tang dynasty strengthen china?

Tang rulers strengthened chinas economy by supporting farming and trade.

How did tang rulers strengthen china economy?

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How did tang and song rulers help the economy flourish?

they didnt

How did Tang rulers strengthen china's government?

By conquering many lands, reforming the military, and creating law codes.

How did the tang and song rulers help the economy to flourish?

The Tang Dynasty was an imperial and is considered the high point of Chinese civilization whose economy at first flourished then declined. The economy during the Song dynasty was one of commercial expansion, financial prosperity, increased international trade-contacts, and a revolution in agricultural productivity.

What did the Tang dynasty rulers use to justify their claims to power?

The tang dynasty rulers justify their claims to power by war against other dynasty's!!

Which exam was restored by a reform by Tang Dynasty rulers?

Scholar officials

Why was the Tang dynasty successful?

because tang dynasty have a great rulers the leader was taizong then there the first woman who rule over china

What has the author Baiqiao Tang written?

Baiqiao Tang has written: 'My two Chinas' -- subject(s): Politics and government, Human rights, Counterrevolutionaries, Political refugees, China, Student protesters, Political activists, Biography

List two reforms instituted by the early rulers of the tang dynasty?


What kind of government jobs did tang dynasty have?

they had farming, traders, craftsmen, and rulers

What did the Tang and Song and Ming rulers have in common?

They all died by sucking on dicks.

Did the Tang rulers build roads and waterways that increased trade?

true.. yes

Why did Tang and Song rulers give their support to a new form of Confucianism?

Ruler's were

Who are the important rulers for Tang dynasty?

Li Yuan was the first emperor of the Tang Dynasty. He was followed by Li Shimin. The last one was Li Zhu.

What kind of jobs did the people of ancient tang dynasty have?

they had farming, traders, craftsmen, and rulers

What changes did tang rulers make in china to create an effective and strong central government?


Was the tang dynasty a democracy or an authoritarian?

Tha Tang's strength came from a system of equal land allotments to the male population. A tax on the allotments was the Tang's greatest source of income.The early Tang monarchs were good rulers overall. Rulers are not withing democracy goverments.

How did China's economy develop during the tang and song dynasties?


How did the Tang rulers change China?

They reconquered land that china had lost since the decline of Han dynasty

How was the economy in the tang dynasty?

When China was under the Tang Dynasty china became the most powerful and prosperous country in the world. -alexis o.

Why was Tang and Song china the most advanced civilization of its time?

chinas population nearly doubled scoring 100 millio. science and tevhonology the moveable type argiculture trade and foregin contacts

How was China unified under the Tang Dynasty?

China was unified under the Tang Dynasty because like earlier emperor's, Tang rulers relied on a large bureaucracy. Officials collected taxes and over saw building and irrigation projects. They managed the army and enforced the laws. That is how China was unified under the Tang Dynasty.

What is a dynasty and examples?

A dynasty is a line or sequence or rulers from the same family. An example is the Ming and Tang dynasties from medieval China.

List two reforms instituted by the early rulers of the Tang dynasty.?

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