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They fought for the war in 2002

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Q: How did the temperance movement gain a victory in 1851?
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Which term describes the struggle to gain equal protection for all people from both state and Federal governments?

The Civil Rights Movement describes the struggle to gain equal protection for all people from both State and Federal Government. The Civil Rights Movement let to major legislation passed by Congress in 1965.

Which territory did US not gain in its victory in the Spanish American War?

The US did not gain their current territories of American Samoa, US Virgin Islands, or the Northern Mariana Islands as a result of the Spanish-American War.The US did gain the Philippines, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Cuba as a result of the Spanish-American War.

What goal was held by the majority of patriots at the beginning of Revolutionary War?

It was to gain theyre rights back from english/ british men. the movement became more popular and many saw the dream of liberty and that thye need to fight in order to win.

What role did the European powers play in the American victory did they gain anything?

The french in the American revolution gave supplies to the Americans from 1776 to 1778, and when war was officially declared on Britain by the Americans the french dedicated some of their troops, and naval fleets to helping the Americans defeat the british...hope i helped you =P

Why is the declaration of independence sometimes called the world's greatest political editorial?

It is sometimes called the word's greatest political editorial because it started and encouraged the independence movement all around the world. It helped gain a wide based support for independence from all sections of society.

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How did temperance movement gain a victory in 1851?

They fought for the war in 2002

What did Mexico gain from the battle at the Alamo?

A tactical victory.

What did the Muslims of the Sub-Continent gain from this religio-political Movement?

what did the Muslims of subcontinent gain from this religio political movement

Does condensation gain movement of particles?

the movement of particles increases

What did the muslims of the sub continent gain from khilafat movement?

Elaborate the Khilafat Movement and causes of its failure. What did the Muslims of the Sub-Continent gain from this religio-political Movement?

How did the US gain political victory during the revolutionary war?


Why is the idea of the king and duke giving lecture on temperance hypocritical?

The king and duke's lecture on temperance is hypocritical because they themselves are not temperate individuals. They engage in dishonest and manipulative behavior, such as scamming people for money and exploiting situations for their own gain, which contradicts the values of temperance they are trying to preach. This inconsistency highlights their lack of moral integrity and credibility as teachers of temperance.

What victory did organized factory workers gain in 1842?

The right to vote.

When did Victoria gain independence from New South Wales?

Victoria separated from New South Wales on 1 July 1851.

A Phyrric Victory is?

A victory which is very costly -- so costly that it is doubtful that it gave any gain to the victor.Phyrrus won such a victory - A phyrric victory is a victory where you win, but the cost of winning is so high that it would have been better not to bother with the war in the first place.-Twilight-

How did the british hope to gain victory in 1777?

They wanted to gain victory by making a battle plan to take albany, new york and gai control of th hudso river this would sperate new englan from the middle colonies

What region did Alexander gain after victory of the Persians?

From Libya in the west to Central Asia in the east.