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General Ambrose Everett Burnside from the Union Army wore side whiskers with a moustache, while shaving the hair on his chin. This style was known as Burnside's. The word then became burnsides, and then sideburns. Ambrose Burnside, a Union General during the civil war, sported a ustache and interesting sidebar whiskers (hair grown down in front of the ears). This style of hair was so distinctive that his name became attached to these whiskers. But there was a catch! The two syllables of his last name were reversed, and sideburn (not Burnside) became the name of these whiskers. Elvis Presley, the 1950s-1970s rock and roll legend, wore sideburns. Before long, many men were growing sideburns to look like Elvis. Too bad that even with (or without) sideburns, they could not perform as well as Elvis.

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Q: How did the term sideburns originate?
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When did the term sideburns originate?


Where did the term sideburns originate?

They're named after the U.S. Civil War General, Ambrose Burnsides.

When did sideburns become popular?

The English man grew his beard to downwards , which lead to the term sideburns.

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Union commander from whose name sideburns became a term for a long whiskers?

Ambrose Burnside

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Who was the union commander from whose name sideburns became a term for long whiskers?

General Ambrose Burnside.

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Where did the name sideburns come from?

American civil war general ambrose burnside had an extravagant mustache with connecting sideburns which together were called a burnside but the sideburns separately were called sideburns to distinguish them from a full burnside

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Why are sideburns called sideburns?

A Union Army general by the name of Burnside popularized them during America's Civil War.

What does sideburns mean?

They were originally called Burnsides after army General Ambrose Burnside (1824-1881) They were full whiskers and mustache with a clean shaven chin, thus burnsides or sideburns Sideburns mean business.

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