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How did the term southpaw originate?


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The term southpaw developed from the fact that left-handed pitchers face south because Baseball diamonds are laid out with home plate to the west. The term has been traced back to 1885.


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A southpaw means that the left handed pitchers face south. Hence the term southpaw.

Southpaw is another term for a left handed person usually used for a pitcher.

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The term southpaw is definitely an American term for a left-handed person. Since most ball fields are designed so that batters face east, pitchers would be facing west and if they were left-handed, their south-sided arm would be their pitching arm.

A southpaw is related to the sport of boxing.

As in boxing, "southpaw" refers to an athlete who is left-handed. Specifically, in baseball, a "southpaw" is a left-handed pitcher.

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Baseball pitchers are only referred to as a Southpaw if they're left handed, it's more common for left handed pitchers to be referred to as a Southpaw but it's just a general term for anyone who is left handed.

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