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Q: How did the town of grambling get its name?
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What city is grambling state in?

Grambling, LA

When was Grambling's White Tiger created?

Grambling's White Tiger was created in 1981.

When was Grambling State Tigers football created?

Grambling State Tigers football was created in 1928.

Is grambling state university a public or private school?

Yes, Grambling State University is a private school

How many miles is it from Grambling LA to Alexandria LA?

There are 85.61 miles from Grambling and Alexandria and 98.93 miles by car. Grambling and Alexandria are 1 hour 47 mins far apart (by car).

Will Grambling University beat Southern University?

For a matter of fact Grambling State University is going to win.................Southern offense can't and won't doing anything in the second half! 29-14 Grambling wins!

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Where is Grambling State University?


Who founded grambling state?


Doug Williams coach where?

Grambling State

Who won the 2010 bayou classics?