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no wwe is just faking it

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No, the Undertaker did not die.

NO, the Undertaker did not die.

undertaker wrong undertaker is not dead

undertaker didn't really die, it was just written for him to 'die' in the script. But he no longer is in the wwe.

no undertaker did not die the wwe are just pretending that he is dead but undertaker will return on night of champions in 2010

Yes, The Undertaker will die as he is a human being. Only in WWE ( World Wrestling Entertainment )/WWF ( World Wrestling Federation ) he is the ghost or what the people say "Big Evil". Undertaker is not dead but will die of course.

He didnt its just a wwe storyline

no the undertaker is in the wwe.

the undertaker joined WWE in 1990 at Survivor Series.

Undertaker will never die, if he dies the wwe will keep it a secret and they already have a young wrestler that will act like undertaker once the now undertaker thats how undertaker will never die but micheal callaway will. but he is acctually only 45-6 years.

No he is not dead! It is a storyline!! He is injured and is taking time off.

The Undertaker is currently with the WWE and is on a break. He should be returning very soon

The Undertaker will be coming back to WWE Monday February 21 2011

The Undertaker has been WWE Champion 4 times.

The Undertaker has been fighting in the WWE for 25 years.

the undertaker He is a wrestler from the WWE The Undertaker.

No, the Undertaker is not dead.

he's not rally an dead dude wwe just lied

No, undertaker did not quit the WWE he was just at WM28 to wrestle Triple H again.

Undertaker is on leave from WWE due to an injury. He is in talks of returning in 2011.

You are stupid he will never get out of the wwe

hbk was in the wwe before undertaker.hbk was in the wwe 5 years before undertaker was.

no undertaker is resting a little and returning with the ministy of darkness, vicera has alrealy been away from wwe becuz wwe asked him to loose weight, but undertaker leaving wwe is ridiculous.

undertaker will leave when he really dies

Only the Undertaker himself would know that.

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