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The repeating rifles did not change significantly the American Civil War, because only a relative little number of units had been armed with them.

As a matter of fact, the Union government feared an excessive waste of ammunition and favoured instead the use of the muzzle loading rifled muskets, which "forced" the soldiers take an accurate aim before shooting.

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What were the technolgical development in the civil war change warfare?

Repeating rifles, Gatling guns, ironclads, heavier artillery, et cetera

What were the advances in weapons in the civil war?

The development of metallic cartridge rifles, the development of repeating rifles, the development of breech loaded artillery.

What was the specner repeating rifle?

Try search for Spencer rifles- it was an early lever action repeating rifle from the period of the US Civil War.

Did repepating rifles change the Civil War?


What was the most valuable weapon during the Civil War?

it was the mini ball IMPROVEMENT The repeating rifles and carbines.

What new weapons were introduced in the American Civil War?

Ironclads, submarines, sea and land mines, armoured trains, breech-loading rifles and cannons, machine-guns, repeating rifles, observation balloons, iron wire fences, minesweeping apparatuses.

What weapons union cavalry soldiers use in the civil war?

muskets IMPROVEMENT Sabres, revolvers, repeating rifles.

In a 1925 interview a lever action weapon that looks like a Winchester 94 is called an old army carbine Did the American army use these rifles?

Yes called Henry repeating rifles Used during the Civil War AMAZING Fire arms fro the price

Is there shotguns rifles handguns and knives in the American civil war?

not shotguns, but yes to the others

How was the Henry Repeating Riffle used in the civil war?

Union forces had privately purchased them. Rebel forces used captured repeating rifles. The repeater, was considered the "assault rifle" of the Civil War. Just as the M16 assault rifle replaced the M14 rifle in Vietnam.

Did the north have m14 carbines in the civil war?

No, the M14 was developed in the 20th Century. The Civil War saw the use of muzzle loading percussion cap rifles, breach loading single-shot rifles, and saw the introduction of lever action repeating rifles. The only rapid fire weapon was the hand cranked Gatling Gun.

What was the best civil war gun?

The most sought after small arm of the American Civil War was the Henry Repeating Rifle in 44-40 calibre. The bodyguards of both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis were armed with these lever action rifles. They were capable of firing 16 rounds without reloading.

What changes in military technology might have surprised new recruits in the civil war?

Repeating rifles, bored artillery, sometimes torpedos or grenades. Ballon observation,

How did the use of repeating rifles change the war?

I am not 100% sure because this from an online source and the web can't always be trusted. But, from what I have read, repeating rifles had no significance used in the Civil War! They could not be mass produced because the government didn't do anything about it. So, they were not even looked at as a wonder weapon. IF YOU HAVE A BETTER ANSWER FROM A TRUSTWORTHY SOURCE, DELETE MY COMMENT!!!The Spencer repeating rifle made little impact on the war, The standard issue muzzle loaders were still the main firearm used by both sides.

What is the name of the container that held gunpowder for the flintlock rifles in the American civil war days?

powder horn

What inventions revolutionised the civil war?

The civil war was the first modern war. They had repeating rifles, submarines, military ambulances, hot air balloons for spying, barbed wire, flame throwers, just to name the few.

How did the Confederate soldiers reload their rifles in the Civil War?

Almost all Civil War rifles were muzzle loaders.

What new weapons were in the civil war?

The Spencer lever action repeating rifle, firing metallic cartridges, is considered the "(new) assault rifle" of the US Civil War (1861-1865); when muzzle loading rifles were the norm at the time.

How did the use of repeating rifles change the Civil War?

There weren't enough repeaters to effect a change in the war. The repeaters simply received exposure to the militaryduring the time; which allowed both the civilians and the military to order more of them, at first opportunity. Translation: men now knew they existed; and everybody wanted one.

What weapons did the natives use in the war between the US government?

After the civil war ended most of them used army surplus repeating rifles that the US Army Ordnance department had declared obsolete in favor of the new single shotSpringfield Trapdoor rifle and sold for scrap value. Ordnance decided repeating rifles high fire rate wasted ammo.

What modern weapon was introduced during the civil war?

A number of weapons were introduced during the Civil War. Rifled artillery, invented during the 1840s, was developed to the point of being useful and first deployed to effect in the Civil War. Most, but not all, of these were muzzle loaded. Breachloading rifles with brass cartridges were first used for warfare in the Civil War. Repeating Rifles were also first introduced in the Civil War. The Civil War was the first conflict in which revolvers loaded with brass cartridges were used.

Did American attitudes about African American civil rights really change by 1870?


What date did they invent the rifle in World War 1?

The rifle was invented long before World War I; rifled muskets were first developed in the 17th century and had limited use in the American Revolution and Napoleonic wars where they proved highly successful.Repeating rifles were developed in the 19th century and used on a small during the American Civil War.

What was Technology in the Civil War?

There were many firsts in technology and they were; railroad artillery, submarine, snorkel breathing device, land mines, field trenches, flame throwers, naval torpedoes, repeating rifles, steel ship, workable machine guns, hospital ships, iron clad navies, sights for rifles, long range rifles, battle photos.

How did the civil war change warfare?

The Civil War had a lot to do with the way that we fight war's today. Rifles, ships and communication were all upgraded as a result of the need during the war.