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The Vikings worshiped their gods outside in nature. They would choose large, powerful, unique natural structures for places of worship.

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What gods did vikings worship?

Norse gods

What did the vikings worship?

The gods of the Norse pantheon.

Why did the vikings worship gods?

Maybe because they wanted to believe something or someone was there.

Where did the vikings go to worship there gods?

Outside, choosing natural landmarks such as unusual trees, big rocks or waterfalls.

Where do the Shintos worship their Gods?

they worship their gods in shrines

Who did the gods worship?

The gods worship their ancestors and life.

What did the vikings sacrifice for their gods?

The Vikings sacrificed animals and sometimes humans for their gods.

How does the hopi worship their gods?

they worship kachina dolls who were there gods

What gods did they worship and how did they worship them?


Worship of god gods or spirits?

The worship of god,gods,and spirits

Where do Hindus worship their Gods?

Hindus worship their gods in a Mandirtempel

Who did the vikings worship?


Who do vikings worship?

Type your answer here... they worship gods Thor god of lighting also=thor's day= Thursday Olaf god of all the gods Freya was god of love also= Freya's day = friday and freja (Freya's sister) god of all of the weather

How do Shintoists worship their gods?

Shintoists worship their gods by praying, meditating and chanting.

What is to worship many gods is to practice?

The worship of multiple gods is called polytheism.

Did the vikings believe in gods?

Yes they believed in gods

How did the ancient egyptains worship their gods?

They worship the gods by holding ceremonies to certain gods, and make sacrifices in their honor.

How do Romans worship their gods?

Romans worship their gods through feasting. For example, Saturnalia.....

What did ancient Egyptian farmers worship gods?

did ancient egyptian farms worship the gods

How did the Vikings serve their gods?

Vikings served their gods in many ways. They worshiped their gods at home and at altars. They also sacrificed objects and living things.

Did Romans insist that Jews worship Roman gods?

No the Romans did not force the Jews to worship their gods.

What word means the worship of many gods and goddesses?

The worship of many gods and goddesses is polytheism.

Do Chinese people worship many gods?

Yes Chinese people do worship many gods

What gods do the Iroquois worship?

they worship "Great Spirits"!

Who does Sparta worship?

They would worship their own gods