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The woman recognized that the girl was actually Huck because she could see through his disguise and noticed his distinctive features, mannerisms, or behavior that gave away his identity despite his attempts to pass as a girl.

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Q: How did the woman know the girls was Huck?
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What happens when Huck had lunch with one of the girls?

The girl caught Huck in many lies about England

Who did huck tell the woman in the town he was when she guessed he was pretending to be a girl?

an escaped apprentice! ___________________

What is Huck's opinion of girls?

Huck views girls as being different from boys, noting their refined qualities. He believes that girls are more civilized and better behaved than boys, although he struggles to understand their emotional sensibilities and often feels perplexed by their ways.

Who told the woman that Huck wasn't a girl?

No one; she figured it out herself based on Huck's various idiosyncrasies (catching an object, threading a needle, etc.)

Why does Huck steal the money from the mattress?

read you book;;Huck didn't wanted the king and the Duke to steal the money from kind girls. So he did steal the money.

Where did Huck hide the Wilks girls inheritance after he stole it from the King and Duke?

Huck hides the Wilks girls' inheritance in the coffins of their deceased relatives, Peter Wilks and his brothers. He places the money in Peter Wilks's coffin, hoping it will be safe there.

What does Huck tell Aunt Sally about who got hurt on the boat when the cylinder blew?

Huck tells Aunt Sally that the slave woman was killed on the boat when the cylinder blew.

What was the name of the town where huck dressed as a girl visited a women to get information?

The town where Huck dressed as a girl and visited a woman to gather information was called Temperance.

Why does Huck decide to take the money the Duke and King have stolen?

Huck takes the money because he believes it rightfully belongs to the girls who were swindled by the Duke and King. He feels guilty for their actions and wants to right the wrong done to the girls.

When Huck sees Mary Jane is upset he decides to?

When Huck sees Mary Jane is upset, he decides to make a plan to help her and her sisters overcome the grief caused by their uncle's scheming. Huck resolves to expose the fraud and restore the girls' rightful inheritance.

Why do the girls make huck so ashamed?

The girls make Huck feel ashamed because they expose the hypocrisy and cruelty of society's norms and values, which he has unwittingly internalized. Their behavior challenges his beliefs and forces him to see the injustices around him, leaving him feeling conflicted and uncomfortable.

What does Jim think when he first see's huck on the island?

Jim is initially startled when he sees Huck on the island, as he believes that he has seen a ghost. However, he quickly realizes that Huck is alive and is relieved to be reunited with him. Jim is happy to see Huck safe and well.