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The word ballot has been derived from the french word ballotte which means a small ball.

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Q: How did the word ballot originate?
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Where did the word ballot originate?

It originates from Italy. It means "little balls."

What is the origin of the word ballot?

the origin is where the word came from but the specific origin of the word ballot is latin root word.

From what country did the current form of balloting in the US originate?

The secret ballot originated in Australia during the 1850's, it is also known as the Massachusetts ballot since Massachusetts was the first U.S. state to use the secret ballot. In the U.S., voting by secret ballot was universal by 1892

Another word for Selected by ballot?


How you use ballot in a sentence?

The word ballot can be a noun. a verb, or an adjective. Example uses: Noun: She read the ballot carefully before casting her vote. Verb: We will ballot the students to see which they would prefer. Adjective: A ballot box is seldom used today, voting has been computerized.

Where does the word thank you originate?

Where does Thank you originate?

Does the word bolshy originate from the bolsheviks?

Yes, the word "bolshy" does originate from the "bolsheviks".

What part of speech is ballots?

The word ballots is a noun. It is the plural form of the word ballot.

Where did the word suds originate from?

The word 'suds' is believed to originate from the Middle Dutch word: sudse, meaning bog.

What word is used to describe the process of casting a ballot during an election?

The process of casting a ballot during an election is officially called voting.

What is a four letter word ending in l meaning ballot?


Which word did not originate in France?

The word "hamburger" did not originate in France. It is derived from the German city of Hamburg.