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Originally, Nicholas was a man who left presents for the children in his village. He was made a saint for his good deeds, giving him the name Saint Nicholas. This was translated to Santa Claus (same name, came to English from a different language). Then, as the stories were told and retold, we got the legend we have now. I have no idea how long presents have been coming from Santa but I was sure glad to get them when I was young.

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On the 24th December (Christmas Eve) someone called St.Nicholas went round houses and left presents outside their door and the next day people saw the presents and the he started to do this every year and then some one saw him and he said he was Santa Claus then he started the whole story of Santa Claus and then people started making and saying what he looks like and then were in the present and kids still believe he's real. The end

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Santas Claus was not invented but it's a guy from centuries ago that was really nice to people

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Maybe you would like to expand on your question?

I take it you mean St Nicolas when all the variations on Santa (German) came from he was a Turkish Priest who gave to the poor.

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Q: How did they found out there was a Santa?
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