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Originally barley sugar drops were sold in pharmacies. They were proven to help with travel sickness. Hence the term "travel sweets." Obviously, sugar drops have changed a lot over the years--now just a candy instead of a medicine--but the name stuck.

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Were did candy originate from?

The first 'candy' or SWEETS was made all over the world as no one is sure of the origions. Most people belive it comes from the middle of russia

What is the collective noun for sweets in a jar?

In your example, jar of sweets, is the collective noun; other collective nouns are a box of sweets, a tin of sweets, or a shop of sweets.

Are sweets carbohydrates?

Yes, there is carbohydrate in sweets.

Do pigs like sweets?

no sweets can kill them

What are the different between sweets and a main dish?

a main dish is a main dish & sweets are sweets

What is a collective noun for sweets?

The collective noun is a packet of sweets.

Where does the word Ferdinand originate from?

Ferdinand is a Germanic name that means travel-daring, ie "adventurer."

Where does the sugar plum fairy live in the Nutcracker ballet?

The Sugar Plum Fairy lives in and rules in what is typically called "The Land of Sweets." It is here that Clara and the Nutcracker travel to after defeating the Mouse King. The divertissement portion of the ballet occurs in The Land of Sweets.

Are halls soothers sweets?

No. They're cough sweets.

Why are you asked to wash your mouths as soon as sweets are taken?

If not, sugars from your mouth will travel into the horn as part of the saliva. The saliva will then dry, and the sugars will crystallize.

Did pirates eat sweets?

the pirates did not eat sweets as they couldn't access them. Sweets (candy) did not exist in those days.

What direction would you travel to go from tx to Missouri?

North by northeast depending on which area in Texas you originate

What sweets was rationed?

Every sweet except for cough sweets.

What are the most popular sweets?

the most popular sweets are haribo

How can you quit eating sweets?

Stop buying sweets. simple.

Can hamsters eat polo sweets?

no they can not eat polo sweets.

How do you say sweets in maori?

'rare' is the maori word for sweets.

How tall is Candy Sweets?

Candy Sweets is 165 cm.

How tall is Toni Sweets?

Toni Sweets is 165 cm.

What are the release dates for Unique Sweets - 2011 European Sweets - 4.9?

Unique Sweets - 2011 European Sweets - 4.9 was released on: USA: 2 February 2014

Is eating and sweets really bad for you?

Sweets are bad for you if you eat too many. However if you eat LOADS of sweets, then you will feel sick. If you get a habit of it then try asking your parents to hide all of the sweets and you don't know where they are then you will forget about the sweets they have hidden then you will stop eating them.

What the probability of getting not a yellow sweet if there 3 yellow sweets and 10 blue sweets?

Probability of getting not a yellow sweet if there 3 yellow sweets and 10 blue sweets is 10/13.

What does sweets to the sweet mean?

Sweets is a British term for candy therefore Sweets to the Sweet is a term of endearment meaning candy for the sweetheart.

What part of speech is bags of sweets?

"bags of sweets" isn't one part of speech. "bags" is a noun, "of" is a preposition, and "sweets" is a noun.

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