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I would believe that in war or other forms of Viking combat, the Vikings would kill with their weapons, like any other people from that era.

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How many people did the vikings kill?

How many people the Vikings killed were ALOT like to many to count.

Who did vikings kill?

they killed there enemies but people say that they loved to kill is that true

Why did vikings kill people?

For wealth, woman and resources.

What is interesting about vikings and their history?

The vikings would kill people in the hundreds and once a Viking was killed by one of his enemies which he had already slayed

Would all vikings kill?

not always, some vikings pillaged towns for goods but didn't kill.

Who do Vikings fight?

vikings fight monks and they once fought brian boru.some vikings would kill eachother if drunk.they will kill villagers if not given money.

Did vikings kill?

of course they did

What did the vikings kill?


Did the vikings kill animals?


Did vikings kill children?

No, the Vikings used fight and steal.They only killed monks.

Did the vikings kill their own family?


Did vikings kill their own family?


Why did the Vikings refuse to trade weapons for furs?

The Vikings would refuses to trade weapons to the Native People because the Native and Vikings do not trust each other so the vikings or Native would trade than leave fast or the NAtive could jsut take the weapons and kill them!

Who did the vikings defeat?

the vikings did have to defeat people

Why did the vikings keep animals?

The Vikings kept animals because if they didn't have food they would kill them and eat them.

How did the vikings use their weapons?

they would try to kill them

Did ancient Vikings kill bears?

It wouldn't be surprising if they did.

Why did vikings kill whales?

Vikings killed whales for food, whale oil, ribs and other useful products.

What is the vikings?

Vikings were the most nice people on the whole planet .

How did the vikings treat people they conquered?

The Vikings treated the people they conquered badly. They used them as slaves.

Why did the vikings act so mean?

Becouse they thought if they could kill most of the people (men) of the village then they could steal and/or rape women.

What did the king of france do to protect his people from the vikings?

The Vikings were paid in danegold

How long did the vikings live?

kill others and pretend it did'ent happen.

How did the first nations help the french?

They did not kill them, as they did the first Europeans, the Vikings.

Were the vikings animals or people?

they were people who travel