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Margaretha Geertruida Zelle MacLeod was famous as a World War 1 spy, though at the time no proof of her being a spy was shown. She gained great popularity for exotic dancing and the suspicion of espionage.

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What did the women spies do in world war 2?


In what war did women first work as clerks and spies?

Women may not have worked as clerks till World War I, but women worked as spies in many wars including the American Civil War and the Revolutionary War.

What military jobs did women do in world war 1?

nurses and spies

How many women spies were there in World War 2?

1000 from all the countries which represents 1% of spies in WW2

What are some names of women spies from world war 1?

mata hari

How many women spies were their in World War II?

Both sides had many female spies. The true number will never be known.

Did spies in the civil war carry weapons?

Yes - even the women spies.

What is a women spies world war 2 essays?

I saw this question in our database and it is fairly old now. I thought I better let you know than an essay about women spies in World War 2 is exactly that: an essay that tells about women who spied for either the Axis Forces or the Allied Forces. There were women spies on both sides. There were more women spying for the Allied Nations than for the Axis nations.

What did women spies in World War 2 do?

it made it easier for the other team to know what there doing

How did spies influence the outcome of the American Civil War?

Spies especially women spies helpes influence the out come of the civil war in depth they carried very important information to and from the soldiers without women spies the whole outcome of the war could have changed

Did women want to fight in World War 2?

Some women did fight in World War 2. Some were nurses, some had desk jobs, and some were spies. Some were just women in the line of fire.

Why were women good spies in the civil war?

Because no one suspected women.

Were women sent to get information in World War 1?

There were women spies in World War 1. The most famous female spy was Mata Hari. She was a Dutch woman living in Paris that spied for Germany.

What were some disguises that spies used during the Civil War?

Some spies were women, who were not readily seen as being involved in the war.

When women were spies in the civil war what did they eat?

Harriet Tubman

What kind of things did women spies do in world war 2?

Female spies performed a variety of duties during World War II. They performed reconnaissance, reported activities to their base governments, and even helped people escape into safe countries.

In World War 2 were women able to become a pope?


How were spies important to the civil war?

The women helped big time!

How were spies used during the cold war?

to make women pregnant

Who were spies in the civil war?

there were three women spies belle boyd,elizabeth van lew,and rose o` neal grennhow.

Were woman of the north spies?

I..... what? do you mean during the Civil War? Yes, occasionally women of both sides were not necessarily spies, but they would pass on what knowledge they gained. It was mostly men who were official spies. also, it's women for plural.

Facts about women role in the civil war?

Women were important because theyi helped fight in the civil war, were spies and helped in the hosoitals.

Did Germany have spies in World War 2?

During World War 2, Germany had spies and practiced espionage. German espionage began before the World War, and dates back to before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

How many Japanese spies were in world war two?

See: List of Japanese spies, 1930-45.

What happened to spies caught in World War 1?

During World War 1, there were hundreds of German spies who were caught in the United Kingdom. They were all killed upon captivity.