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The pardoner is greedy and hypocritical. He preaches against such sins and sells "holy" relics to pardon people afraid of the consequences of their sins. Before beginning his tale, he explains that he agrees that love of money is the root of all evil and after telling it, he accuses the other pilgrims of sinning and offers the relics. The moral of the tale was that greed leads to suffering and ultimately to death. i think the pardoner does believe that but is more interested in money.

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I listened to the pardoner's tale attentively, considering the moral lesson he was trying to convey through his story. I reflected on the themes of greed and deception that were presented and thought about how they relate to human nature.

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Q: How did you respond to the tale told by the pardoner?
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How does the innkeeper respond to the Pardoner's efforts to sell relics and pardons after his tale?

He insults the Pardoner.

Which phrase best describes the Pardoner based on the way he told his tale?

The Pardoner can be described as manipulative and clever based on the way he told his tale, using his skills of persuasion to extract money from his audience by preying on their fears and guilt.

What does the Pardoner do after finishing his tale?

The Pardoner tries to sell relics and pardons.

What are the release dates for The Pardoner's Tale - 2010?

The Pardoner's Tale - 2010 was released on: USA: 2012

What does the Pardoner do after his tale?

The Pardoner tries to sell relics and pardons.

Are there any similarities between the wife of bath's tale and the friar's tale?

Chaucer The narrator of The Canterbury Tales The Pardoner The tale the Pardoner tells

What does the pardoner do agter finishing his tale?

There is one thing pardoner does to finish his tale. That is he tells his shortcoming to gain legitimacy.

Which characters in the pardoner's tale does the pardoner most closely resemble?

The summoner

How many layers of irony can you identify in the pardoner's tale?

In the Pardoner's Tale, one layer of irony is the Pardoner himself, who preaches against greed and yet embodies it in his own actions. Another layer is the three rioters who seek death but end up finding it through their own greed and deceit. The tale itself is also ironic as it is a moral story told by an immoral character.

What is the allegory that the Pardoner teaches in The Pardoner's Tale?

Greed is the root of all evil.

Who is the summoner in the pardoner's tale?


Where is the pardoner tale set?