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The bald eagle was choosen because of it's association with authoridy and statehood in fact, the eagle has been used for govermental power since the Roman times.
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What are the State birds?

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Why do states have state birds?

A long time ago there was a great war over whether women should be able to wear pants. The birds were the creatures that made pants and other clothing. After the war the birds were recognized as state symbols and the "duck" was immortalized into a statue in Chubaca, Africa. And so that is how state ( Full Answer )

Does the state have an bird?

Nevada's state bird is the mountain bluebird. Google it to find out more info. or wiki.

Why is Arkansas state bird the mocking bird?

Because everyone there has a problem and fart a lot and so everyone mocks them. The state was forced to have the mocking bird symbolize that by the government.

What states have the mockingbird as the state bird?

There are 5 states that chose the northern mockingbird ( Mimus polyglottos ) as their state bird: Arkansas Florida Mississippi Tennessee Texas From 1939 to 1948, it was also the state bird of South Carolina.

WHAT color bird is Maine's state bird?

The state bird of Maine is the Black-capped Chickadee. Its coat is made up of these four colors: black , white , brown , and gray .

Which are the state birds of the United States?

Alabama -Yellowhammer Alaska - Willow Ptarmigan Arizona - Cactus Wren Arkansas - Mockingbird California - California Valley Quail Colorado - Lark Bunting Connecticut - Robin Delaware - Blue Hen Chicken Florida - Mockingbird Georgia - Brown Thrasher Hawaii - Nene Idaho - Mountain Bluebird Illinois - ( Full Answer )

How did the Ruffed Grouse become the state bird?

An interesting tale, if you'll give me the time. You see on the second day of the Battle of Gettysburg, Major General Richard H Anderson and his division were cut off from Major General John B Hood. There was no way to get the neccesarry supplies that were needed to penetrate cemetary ridge. The Gen ( Full Answer )

What state has the cardinal for the state bird?

There are seven states for which the cardinal (also known as the Northern Cardinal) is the state bird: Illinois , Indiana , Kentucky , Ohio , Virginia , and West Virginia .

What state has seagull as state bird?

The state of Utah has the California Gull as their state bird. However, there are currently no states with the seagull as an official state bird.

Which state has the chicken as its state bird?

The state of Delaware has the Blue Hen Chicken as their official state bird. The state of Rhode island has the Rhode Island Red Chicken as its state bird.

What state has their state bird a cardinal?

There are actually seven states with the cardinal as their state bird. These states are: Illinois , Indiana , Kentucky , Ohio , Virginia , and West Virginia .

What state has blue bird for state bird?

Four states have the bluebird for their state bird: Idaho, Missouri, Nevada, and New York. However, Idaho and Nevada have the Mountain Bluebird as their state bird, while Missouri and New York have the Eastern Bluebird.

Can states have the same state bird?

Yes . It is perfectly legal for more than one state to have the same state bird. For example, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia all have the same state bird - the Cardinal. No matter how many states have previously used it, the Cardinal can still legally ( Full Answer )

What states have the same state bird a Texas?

There are 4 states that have the same state bird: Arkansas Florida Tennessee and Mississippi all have the mockingbird as their state bird, just like Texas.

What state is the blue bird state?

There is no state specifically known as The Bluebird State , but there are two states with the bluebird as their official state bird. These states are Missouri and New York . There are also two other states with the mountain bluebird as their state bird. These two states are Idaho and Nevada ( Full Answer )

When and how did the red chicken become the state bird of Rhode Island?

The Rhode Island Red Hen became Rhode Island's official state bird on May 3, 1954. A portrait of the Rhode Island Red was presented to Governor Roberts. It had been painted in the 1920's by Arthur O. Schilling, the United States� leading poultry artist. The Rhode Island Red, Governor Robe ( Full Answer )

How many states have the meadowlark bird as state bird?

There are currently six states with the meadowlark (precisely the Western Meadowlark) as their state bird. These six states are: Kansas , Montana , Nebraska , North Dakota , Oregon , and Wyoming .

What state is turkey the game state bird?

There are four states with the wild turkey as their state game bird. These states are: Alabama , Massachusetts , Oklahoma , and South Carolina .

Which state is the Mockingbird the state bird?

There are literally five states with the mockingbird serving as the state bird. These states are: Arkansas , Florida , Mississippi , Tennessee , and Texas .

How many states have the cardnial as state bird?

Seven states have the cardinal as their official state bird. These states are: Illinois , Indiana , Kentucky , North Carolina , Ohio , Virginia , and West Virginia .

How did the common loon become minnesota state bird?

The common loon is the state bird of Minnesota. There are many lakes in Minnesota and their are many loons who live in this habitat. The citizens voted to have the loon be their state bird.

What is my state bird?

We cannot answer this - without knowing what state you're in !....Besides which - it would be quicker for YOU to search Wikipedia -than wait for an answer here !