How do African people deal with elephants being a hazard?

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The people affected have tried to use repellents such as pepper to ward of elephants. Otherwise, the people may attack the elephant or scare it off with spears and whatever other weapons they have to use.
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What is being done to protect the African elephant?

There are laws so that people don't kill them for their ivory. . The law is specifically called the African Elephant Conservation Act of 1986 there is also national parks and

How are elephants a hazard to African people?

Male elephants are very dangerous - they can often go into a state of rampage and that can mean death. Don't under estimate what these massive creatures can do.

Why are African elephants dangerous to people?

All wild animals are dangerous. African elephants are large,they have poor eyesight, but a good sense of smell. They areprotective of their young and are relatively territori

Why are African elephants being poached?

Elephants are poached for the value of their Ivory. Poachers in Africa kill the elephants, who then sell them to the smugglers, and they sell them .

How is the African elephant being protected from not extinction?

Many African countries, such as Botswana, are passing laws making it illegal to kill an elephant without approval of the government. More countries need to step up, though, in
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Do African Elephants Bite People?

No They Are herbovores It Depends If U make It Angry And Hit Them With An Akusa(bullhook) But other Than That They Are harmless If You Tame Them Not With A Whip you Can Grab I