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One adaptation of an Arctic fox that is a response to stimuli is that they grow white fur in winter and brown fur in summer. It is also able to walk on ice.


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No. Arctic foxes live in the Arctic, not the Antarctic.

No, Arctic foxes do not have horns.

A polar bear preys on arctic foxes A polar bear preys on arctic foxes

Yes, Arctic foxes live on the tundra of the Arctic.

All living organisms respond to stimuli.

Arctic foxes are soooo cute!

Yes, Arctic foxes are vertebrates.

There are no Arctic foxes in Antarctica. They only live in the Arctic.

No, only living things can respond to stimuli and fore is not alive.

Arctic foxes belong to the same genus as all foxes. It is based on their physical characteristics.

No, Arctic foxes do not attack people.

do arctic foxes live in packs- no

Arctic foxes live primarily on the tundra.

Arctic foxes are canines - dogs.

They live in the high Arctic regions and they are foxes.

How many arctic foxes. ?

Arctic foxes live in the Arctic and alpine tundra and on ice floes (sheets of ice).

Arctic foxes live all year long in the Arctic.

Red foxes do live in the Arctic and compete there with the Arctic fox.

Arctic foxes live in the arctic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it detects the stimuli from their antennae

They do respond to stimuli how else do the reprduce to more of them and get someone sick???

Arctic foxes and red foxes will kill and eat ermine occasionally.

Arctic foxes live in the Arctic because they are adapted to live there, and so they do.They are adapted to their habitat

Yes. As the name suggests, arctic foxes live in the tundra region.

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