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Q: How do CNA licenses transfer from state to state?
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How do you transfer your Tennessee cna license to Georgia cna license?

You can transfer a Tennessee cna license to a Georgia cna license by applying for reciprocity in the state of Georgia

Is there a way to transfer your cna certification from Illinois to Missouri?

Yes you can transfer your cna from Illinois to Missouri. You will to submit a copy of your out of state license and social security card.

Im moving to New York from Tennessee will my CNA lisence be valid in NY?

From the following website you can get the information about transferring CNA license from one state to another state and you can get the more information from google websites

Do suspended licenses transfer state to state?

Most states check on previous licenses when a new license is applied for. If a license is suspended in another state, it is unlikely a new license will be issued in another.

Can you be a CNA if you have a misdemeanor charge?

I believe that you can but for an exact and 100% correct answer you would have to contact the State Board of Nursing that licenses your occupation in your state.

How do I transfer a CNA certification to another state?

To know of your certification can transfer to another state's registry, you need to go to to that states Department of Health Services website and it will tell you about how to transfer your certification to their state. Some states my require you to take on of their nursing assistant programs to be eligible to be on their registry.

i have my cna licent from ca and i dont no if i need to star over ?

You will have to pass the exam in your new state but the educational requirements will transfer over.

What is the starting average pay for a CNA?

You need to go to your municipal building in the Village of Arlington Heights to start the process of getting your electrical license. There are no state licenses for electricians in Illinois.

Can a CNA transfer from Tennessee to Florida?

I have been a CNA in TX, LA, KS, NB, nad NM. You can always transfer your CNA. The difference between states is whether they are recipriocity (a simple transfer of your certificate between states) or if you are required to re-test. Simply call the nursing board or the place you intend to work and they can tell you what the requirements are. PS...I was able to to transfer 4 of the 5 and only had to re-test in KS. GOOD LUCK

In Feb. of 2008 i got my CNA in Ala. and i work until March of 2009 but i have not work since then , how do i keep my CNA-cer. Thank you for your time . Mona ?

Call the licensing board in the state where you want to work. If your Alabama license is current, you may be able to transfer it. If you transfer, you may have to take additional courses.

How do you transfer VA CNA certification to PA CNA certification?

Call the Pennsylvania Department of Health. 800 852 0518.

How often do I need to renew a cna certification?

Each state sets its own rules regarding the renewal period for cna certification. Generally, a cna certification must be renewed annually. Here is a state by state list that will help you determine the rules for your specific state: