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Through prayer. The most powerful and greatest of which is the Mass.

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2011-04-01 02:46:16
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Q: How do Catholics worship God?
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Related questions

What or who do Catholics worship?

We worship God.

Why do Catholics worship the Guadalupe virgen?

Catholics do not worship the Virgin of Guadalupe. Catholics worship God alone.

Where do Irish Catholics worship?

They worship God in churches as do all Catholics.

Whom do Catholics often worship?

Catholics worship (latria) only God.

Why do Catholics only worship one God?

Catholics worship only one God because there is only ONE GOD and he commanded us to worship Him and Him alone in the 1st commandment.

Are Catholics committing idolatry?

No, Catholics do not commit idolatry. Catholics worship only God.

Who does Catholic people worship first?

Catholics worship God alone.

Who or what do the Catholics worship?

We worship God: The Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.

Do Catholics really worship images?

No. Catholics worship God alone. Catholics are the only Christian religion founded by God, Himself - all the others were founded by men - thus Catholics follow the Ten Commandments, and the worship of images is strictly forbidden by the First Commandment.

What do Catholics do in church?

They worship the Lord God Almighty.

Who do Catholics worship besides God?

Catholic AnswerThat depends entirely on how you are defining "worship." If you are using the word "worship" as most protestants in the English speaking world currently use the word, you are referring to the adoration that is due to God alone. In that sense of the word, Catholics worship God, and only God. As He is the only Divine Being, our Creator, and Eternal, He is the only thing worthy of Adoration. Catholics call this latria. So to answer your question, in that sense of the English word, worship, Catholics worship nothing besides God.

Do Catholics worship the devil?

Of course not! Catholics do not worship the devil. They worship God as 3 persons in one: God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ), and God the Holy Spirit. They do believe Satan and Hell exist, and strongly preach against sin.

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