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How do Comanche tribe Indians wear their hair?

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They wear their hair the same as all other people in the modern USA.

Historically, Comanche men sometimes wore their long hair in two braids wrapped with strips of otter fur and leaving a scalplock at the back (often decorated with a yellow or black feather). Some Comanche men smeared their long black hair with red clay, painting the parting white, red or yellow.

Comanche women wore the hair long and loose, painting the parting red (as did many native women on the Plains and elsewhere).

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Why did Powhatan Indians wear feathers in their hair?

For ceremonies and decoration.sometimes it was to see the diversity of what tribe they were in

What did Chippewa tribe wear?

what did the Chippewa Indians wear?

What the Tequsta Indians wear?

what did the Indian Tequesta tribe wear

What clothing did male Comanche Indians wear?

they wore loin clothes, leather apparall, and clothing made from animal skins they also wore braids on their hair

Did the cheyenne Indians wear feather headresses?

why did the Cheyenne Indians wear feathers in their hair.

What did the quileute tribe wear?

the tribe wears shorts short hair a tattoo and no shirt

What did the waxhaw indian tribe wear?

they wore fox hair bear hair, and dear hair

What did Massachusetts Indians wear?

The Wampanoag Indians were a tribe from Massachusetts. The men in this tribe wore breechcloths, and leggings. The women wore skirts. Those in this tribe also wore moccasins.

What did the red Indians eat and wear?

red indians wear buffalo skin or hair the women would sew the buffalo hair to make clothes as well

What of clothing did the Hopi tribe wear?

the Hopi Indians wear cotton as clothing or they use deer skin

What did the tlingit Indians wear?

The Tlingit tribe wore woven tree bark

What did the Indians wear the Chinook tribe?

Clothing was made from woven cedar park.

What clothing did Comanche men Indians wear?

They wore clothes made of deerskin in hot weather, and buffalo skin/fur in cold weather. They also wore their hair in 2 long braids.Some men did not wear any clothing.Some men wore deerskin broadcloth.

Do chickasaw Indians have traditions?

the chickasaw indians would wear a thing called a hair roach on special occasions, it was made out of porcupine hair, not the quills.

What did the Comanche boys wear?

they wear moccasins and buck skin

What did the Hupu tribe wear?

Male Hupu Indians wore moccasins, shirts and pants made of deer or other animals hide, and they tied their hair back. Women wore deer skin skirts and moccasins.

What did Comanche Man wear?

they wear buflao skin to keep them warm

What did the Seminole Indians wear?

What did Seminole indians wear ?

Why would the Chinook Indians wear basket-hat?

To keep the sun out of the eyes and the rain out of your hair.

Why do the Kayapo tribe wear what they wear?

For the same reasons you wear what you wear.MOST MEN ON THIS TRIBE WORE NOTHING! THEY WERE NAKIAT.

What type of people lived in the southern colonies?

indians (mohawk tribe) algonquion, iroquios, nomal people who wear nomal clothes

Did Comanche Indians wear tattoos?

The Comanche made much more use of face and body paint than tattoos, but it is known that some Comanche women tattooed their faces and (less often) their breasts; men tattooed the chest to emphasise battle scars. These tattoos would normally be obscured beneath shirts or necklaces so would be difficult to see.

What kind of clothes did the Flathead tribe wear?

what kind of clothes did the Flatheads tribe wear

What did the pomo wear?

The Pomo Indians wore clothing made out of dried tree bark, and animal skins. Women in the tribe wore capes, and skirts. The men usually did not wear clothing.

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