How do Emus reproduce?

Updated: 11/12/2022
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Male and female emus pair up in the summer months of December and January. The male builds a nest in a shallow depression in the ground, lining it with bark, grass, twigs, and leaves.

During mid Autumn and early winter (April through to June), the female lays up to 8-10 large, thick-shelled dark green eggs, and sometimes the nests contain the eggs of several females. The male incubates the eggs, during which time he does not eat, drink, or pass any waste matter, surviving only on accumulated body fat. The male stays on the nest twenty-four hours a day, standing only every couple of hours to turn the eggs.

It takes between 56-60 days for the eggs to hatch. The chicks, which are distinctly striped and unique in appearance, stay with the father for 5-7 months.

Young emus reach sexual maturity between 2 and 3 years of age. The average lifespan of emus can be 10 to 20 years.

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Q: How do Emus reproduce?
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