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How do Footnotes work?

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May 08, 2007 7:33PM

If you are writing a paper and need to list your sources or give additional information, you can do this using footnotes. An example of footnotes would be if I wrote "skaters are people who skateboard*" in a paper. At the bottom of the page I would then give my source, "*according to". The important thing about footnotes is that you put a number or * at the end of a sentence in the paper; then you farther explain the sentense or give your source at the bottom of the page by STARTING this sentense with the same number or * that you ENDED the other sentense with. Example: REPORT Skaters are people who skateboard (1). Another subculture is goth (2). FOOTNOTES (1) This information came from (2) A goth is defined as a person who likes darkness.