How do I check ink level in hp 6310?

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Firstly, you must have installed the hp Solution Center as part of your initial use of the product. In programs, find hp and click on HP Solution Center. When it opens, there is a row of three large square icons. The center is labeled Help and Support. Click on that and you will find a Topic Heading called Tools/Utilities. Under that heading find Printer Toolbox and click on that. A box will open with four tabs at the top. Click on the one labeled Estimated Ink Levels and there you will find a graphic representation of approximate ink levels.


  • In the HP Director software, click Settings , click Print Settings , and then click Printer Toolbox .
  • In the Printer Toolbox, select the Estimate of Ink Level tab. Figure 1: Estimate of Ink Level tab
  • If ink levels are low, replace the cartridge to get the best print quality. If one of the colors has been fully consumed, you must replace the cartridge.
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