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You will have to get a VGA and RCA cable. You can connect the VGA cable from your laptop to a VGA/RCA adapter, and the RCA from the adapter to the projector.

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Q: How do I convert a VGA signal to RCA?
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How can you convert VGA signals to SVGA signals?

yes its very simple to convert VGA signal into SVGA signal.

Why do you need a vga to rca cable?

A VGA to RCA cable allows you to connect components such as a laptop to a television. These two components are not necessarily built ready to connect so a VGA to RCA cable allows for the signal version without a converter.

How do you adapt vga to rca?

First off, RCA can do two different types of video signal: composite (the standard definition yellow RCA) and component (the high definition 3 x RCA colored red, green, and blue). Both of these are totally foreign to VGA and needs an active converter (as opposed to just a simple VGA to RCA cable of which there are many - These will work only if the VGA port outputs a signal compatible with component, or if a component port accepts VGA signals which is less than 1% of the VGA to RCA cases). There is a converter for VGA to RCA (composite) that will cost around $30, and a converter for VGA to RCA (component) that will cost anywhere between $50 and $200 (depending on if you want scaling, which will smartly change the resolution to fit your TV's settings).

Your VGA to RCA cord will not work?

This is one of the most common problems in terms of PC to TV hook-up. People will buy this VGA to RCA cable to connect their computer to their TV but the VGA signal is foreign and not compatible with the TV's RCA input, which is usually either called composite or component video (both are not the same signal as VGA). Since the signal is so different, you need an actual VGA to RCA signal conversion box. These will cost around $30 to $200 depending on whether you are wanting to do composite or component video. Composite is the standard definition (fuzzy and not that great) and component is much more clear and can support high definition.

How many pins are used on a cable that converts VGA to RCA?

A cable that converts VGA to RCA has 19 pins. The VGA cable has 15 pins, 3 pins are in the center of the RCA jack, and one pin is unused. This will work to convert an older tv to work with newer cable services.

Sorry no, You would have to convert the VGA signal on the computer to one of the input types your TV has built in.?

Sorry no, You would have to convert the VGA signal on the computer to one of the input types your TV has built in.

Can you turnA RCA to VGA?

At a shop

What purpose does a vga to HDMI serve?

VGA to HDMI cable convert an analogue signal to a digital signal. It does this by connecting an audio cable to the adapter, where the video signal is fused with the audio also, so there is only one cable connecting to your HDTV.

How Do VGA to RCA Cables Work?

To watch Internet TV on your home television from your computer, requires a vga to rca adapter. The VGA end of the adapter plugs into the VGA port of your computer. The RCA end of the adapter plugs into the RCA converter on your home television. The RCA converter carries the signal to the television. The RCA converter is needed to watch cable or satellite. The RCA cables consist of three cables. All three cables work together to deliver the picture, left channel audio and right channel audio. Newer model televisions have the ports on the back of the television. Older televisions have the ports located on the front. These popular coaxial cables are included when you purchase a new television.

Where can you buy a VGA to RCA cable?

Most of the time a VGA to RCA conversion will require an active converter - they are readily available online. Usually they are called PC to TV (verify that the PC to TV you find has VGA on one side and RCA on the other, but this is usually the case).

How do you connect an RCA output signal to the input on a VGA monitor?

via something like this: Composite and Y/C (S-Video) to VGA Monitor Converter

What kind of cable is needed to connect VGA to RCA?

VGA, a computer video output, cannot be converted to a composite (1 video wire) or component video (3 video wires) signal with just a cable. VGA can be much higher resolution than composite video. You will need a scan converter box to create the NTSC video signal.

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