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You will have to find someone who specializes in air gun repair.

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Q: How do I fix a Smith and Wesson 3000 airsoft guns broken safety?
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Where is the safety on a smith and Wesson sigma?

It doesn't have any external safety.

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Does smith Wesson model 15-3 have a safety?

The user.

Who owns smith and Wesson fireams?

Smith and Wesson was sold to the firm Saf-T-Hammer,a Arirzona based safety and security company in 2001.

Where is the safety on a 38 smith and Wesson chiefs special?

Revolvers do not have safetys

Is there a safe mode for smith and Wesson 9mm?

Yes. Engage the safety.

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The shooter and the fact it is DA

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no it does not. that's why the trigger pull is so hard..

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Yes. See related links for an example.