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You can obtain Class 2 Standard Educator License if you have a bachelors degree and has completed an accredited professional educator preparation program along with supervised teaching experience.

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Q: How do I get my teaching certificate in Montana?
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Can a felon get a teaching certificate?

yea if they prove they are not a felon and work hard in life to get that teaching certificate.

Which is the English teaching certificate?

It depends. In the world of Teaching English as a Second or Foreign language it is the basic certificate which allows you to get an entry level job as a teacher overseas.

Does a Ohio Teaching certificate transfer to Texas?

I cannot answer that HOWEVER, if you want to teach in another state and they have other requirements - when you are hired they will let you know how long you have to get the classes completed you will need. I had been given 3 years to complete the classes Nevada required with a Montana license.

Full form of btc?

Basic Teaching Certificate

Do teachers teaching vocational computer classes need a teaching certificate in high school?


Check Out Certificate Programs?

Some teaching education programs can take years to complete. Rather than spend years slaving over a teaching degree, why not try earning your teaching certificate? Once you have a teaching certificate, you will be able to serve as a substitute teacher in the public school system. You can also make some money by tutoring on the side.

Can you teach in law school without a teaching certificate?


How long does it take to get a temporary teaching certificate in Florida?

ten yerar

Does an Alabama teaching certificate transfer to Georgia?

Yes, an Alabama teaching certificate will transfer to the state of Georgia. With the National Association of State Directors of Teacher Education and Certification, teachers are able to move from state to state.

Can you become a elementary teacher with a bachelor's degree in business?

Yes, and a teaching certificate. =)

Where can you get a teaching certificate in Ventura county?

California State College at Channel Islands

Do you need a teaching degree to teach?

You can teach anybody anything you know. But to be a teacher in a school, most school systems will require a teaching certificate. You do not need a teaching degree in order to teach in a school. You only need a teaching certification, which you can get without having any sort of degree in teaching. Teaching in colleges and universities seldom require a teaching certificate, but they usually want a 'terminal degree' in the field that is being taught, such as a Medical Degree or a PhD or a Law Degree.