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with a mixture of half water, half bleach; spray it on, brush it into the pockets and crevices, then rinse it off; that should do it. Only problem could be if some of the air bubbles have burst and are now filled with algae. You'll need to get the bleach into those bubbles in order to kill the algae there. Don't leave the bleach on the cover for too long or it may start to "eat" away at it.

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Q: How do I remove algae from my solar pool cover?
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Which way up dose a solar pool cover go?

The side of the pool cover with bubbles is the lower side.

What is The difference in a solar blanket and a solar cover?

They are the same thing basically. Pool Cover, Solar Cover, solar Blanket are all used interchangeably. It's basically some material, usually a plastic bubble mesh or vinyl covering that goes over the pool. The exception to this is Winter Cover which generally is heavier and designed to protect your pool during long winter months.

When was The Moon Pool created?

The Moon Pool was created in 1919.

Where about is the moon pool in Australia?

The moon pool is not a real place. It is a fictitious place, and its setting is at Sea World on the Gold Coast.

What things should I consider when selecting a solar water heater?

There are several considerations to make before selecting a solar water heater. 1) How much money will you save? This depends on how much water you use, the performance of your system, where you live, if you have financing available, if needed, what the cost of convention fuels is, and the cost of fuel to use as backup (if you have one). 2) Determine the size you will need. 3) Determine the efficiency of the system. 4) Compare system costs. 5) Find out your local codes, covenants, and regulations. It may be beneficial to research installation and maintenance of the solar water heating system. If this is not the system that will work for you, research other options. You will want to first makek sure that you receive adequate sunlight for the solar heater. Also make sure you acarefully choose the correct BTU rating for your pool size.

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Can a solor pool cover cause green water?

I am not sure why this has not been answered. The most common reason for the green is algae growth. If you put on a solar cover and ignore pool maintenance, then the algae will grow as the water heats and when you remove the cover, the pool will be green

When should you remove your pools solar cover?

when you are in the pool

Can you add optimizer plus to a pool with the solar cover on?

It's not possible to add optimizer plus to a pool with the solar cover on. You will need to remove the solar cover from part or all of the pool in order to put optimizer or other pool treatment products into your swimming pool water.

If you leave your solar cover on day and night will you have algae problems?

Clarification needed. Are you talking about a swimming pool?

Does keeping a solar cover on the pool cause algae. I am in a shaded area and like to keep the pool cover on to keep in the heat. My pool keeps turning green and I want to know if is is the cover?

Algae is caused by sunlight and bacteria. The solar cover helps keep the chlorine in during the day under direct sun if in place; the green is probably due to bacteria rather than the the cover holding heat; scrub pool bottom and sides, add chlorine shock at 1 lb per 10000 gallons and run filter for 24 hours.

Pool solar cover?


Is there less algae growth with a blue solar blanket over a clear solar blanket?

The color of the blanket is not rellevant. However, algae multiplies much faster in warm water and gas trapped under a solar cover can be converted into algae food. The cover should be removed during peak heating hours and put back on afterwards. Pool water gets hot without the cover all on its own. The cover is to prevent heat loss more than to multiply heat gain. We see many more pools with algae if covered all the time rather than those where the cover is removed often. Pool & Spa The colour of a blanket can make all the difference... there is a swimming pool cover called EnergyGuard. It has been proven to stop algae growth, as well as saving time, money, water and energy usage. The product is unique with its dark blue top surface and a black underside. This means that the cover absorbs the sun's heat while blocking the sunlight from entering the water, therefore stopping photosynthesis and algae growth. A UK test lasting two months established that a pool with an EnergyGuard cover remained clear of algae without chemical treatment. In a winter test from October 2008 to April 2009, a UK pool was covered with an EnergyGuard cover and a woven mesh debris cover. No winter pool chemicals were used. The water was clear of algae after the 6 month winter period. Hope that is useful Thanks Emma

Can you cover a pool with algae in it?

Yes. It will also heat the pool quickly. A thermometer may be needed to let you know when to remove the cover and cool the water-- otherwise the warm water will grow algae quickly when the cover is left off.

Should you leave the vinyl pool cover on when using a solar blanket or does the pool cover above the solar blanket hinder the solar blanket's performance?

Remove the vinyl cover when using a solar blanket to warm the water. If the vinyl cover is used at the same time as the solar blanket, the vinyl cover absorbs most of the heat and then transfers the heat into the air or water between the vinyl cover and the solar blanket. Then the heat transfers to the solar blanket and then, finally, into the water. When this happens, a lot of heat remains in the vinyl cover and air/water between the two covers instead of getting into the water. It is preferable to have the heat absorbed by the solar cover and then transfer directly into the water. Hope this helps... Too much redundancy in pool covers.

How do you stop a pool from going green?

When a pool turns green, the cause is the build up of algae. To remove the algae, chemicals will need to be bought to restore the PH levels in the pool, killing the algae.

Will a solar cover left in the pool under the winter cover over the winter ruin the solar cover?

If the water balance is correct then no it will be fine, but in my experience it's generally not so I'd advise to remove it, dry and fold, and store out of direct sunlight.

Will it strain the pool pump motor while running when the solar pool cover is on?