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I found the answer earlier at this site, and it worked! The trick is to disengage the plastic catches that are about 1.25" from the sides of the high brake light on the rear deck of the 1994 Camry Sedan (4 door). Forcibly push in on those unseen catches while pulling on the rest of the housing toward the front of the car.

Once off, the reflector is centered in the assembly. That reflector also has two catches to be aware of, but they are visible.

Once the reflector is off, the light bulb lifts straight up to get it out.

No tools required, just the bulb.

The Baxter Auto Parts in Tigard, OR had Wagner BP921 two packs of these bulbs. Worked on first test.

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2014-07-05 23:51:17
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Q: How do I replace the center brake light in a Toyota Camry?
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