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Say, (mom i had sex) and then just let her yell at you for a while. bam, problem solved

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Q: How do I tell my mom that I am sexually active?
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How do i tell my mum i am sexually active I'm a boy?

Is perfectly OK to confine in your mom that you are sexually active, the best she can do is to take you to a doctor. You don't want to fool around in catch any viruses.

How can you tell if someone is not sexually active?

You generally can't. There aren't any visible signs of being sexually active or not being sexually active, unless you see them in the act.

Should you tell your mom you are sexually active?

Hard one to answer, but if you feel compelled to tell her i say you should. And since you are asking the question, i feel you probably want to , so follow your own instincts.

Can you tell if someone is sexually active from a blood test?

It is possible to tell if someone is sexually active from a blood test. This will be done in addition to other clinical tests so as to be certain.

How can you tell if a girl is sexually active?

Unless she is pregnant, or you are her sex partner, you will have to ask.ask her

How can you talk your mom into letting you on birth control?

you could lie and explain to her that you need it to regulate your periods or just be completely honest and tell her you are sexually active but you want to be safe responsible and adult about it. Either one is effective

What do you do if your parents find out you are a very sexually active with many men?

You tell them the truth... nothing else to do

If you are sexually active under 18 and you went to the gynecologist could the gynecologist know that you are sexually active and then tell your guardian?

Yes the Dr. can tell if you are active and there is a privacy law about telling your parents.If you dont want them to know tell your Dr. At 18 you are no longer considered a minor and the privacy act would not allow the doctor to tell your guardian. You don't have to say a thing because you are an adult now.

What do you tell a boy who asks about being sexual?

well tell him what you feel, if you dont want to be sexually active tell him, if your not ready then tell him, but if you do then tell him, you just have to be honest and hopefully he will understand

What type of food can make you sexually active?

There are no foods that can make someone sexually active.

Was Albert Einstein sexually active?

Yes. In fact he was extremely active. He was by far the most sexually active scientist of his time.

What do we do about my age im 15 he's 18 my mom and dad and his dad consents but his mom has a problem with it.. we are not sexually active or anything of that nature.. what do we do?

Well since you arent sexally active and your parent(s) still have a problem with it you need to talk to them about it. and if you are sexually active its still important that they know about it. Im 15 and in love with a 18 year old and my parents hate it but what i did is talked to them about it and made sure that they knew that hes the one i want to love and be with.