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How do Luna moths eat?

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they do not eat because they have no moths

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Do Luna moths eat nectar?

Luna moths do eat nectar but you will see them eat cloth more often.

Do Luna moth eat?

Luna Moths do not eat, because they do not have a mouth.

How do Luna moths catch their prey?

Luna moths are not predators. Caterpillars eat plants, and adults do not have mouths at all, so they can't eat!

What do Luna Moths eat?

Actually, Luna moths have NO MOUTH, therefore they do not eat!AnswerThe Luna Moth is a Saturniidae, and as such have no mouths and no need to eat. This type of moth only lives for one week and its sole purpose, in its butterfly stage, is to reproduce.

How do the Luna moths eat their food?

No clue. AT ALL. Why do you care?

What are the spots on the Luna moths wings called?

what are the spots on the luna moths wings called

How are Luna moths helpful?

luna moth's are not helpful

Are Luna Moths rare?

I am pretty sure that Luna moths are not rare, but I did read that they are the largest moths in north America. I am still trying to find out if they are rare or not.

What is the purpose of Luna moths?

whats good about the luna moth

What the crap do moths eat?

It depends upon the species of moth. Some do not eat as adult moths (Luna, Cecropia, Polyphemus, etc) and some eat nectar. Some drink the fluid in buffalo eyes. Sometimes they do eat crap - literally. Male butterflies and moths often eat dung.

Are Luna moths wings identical?

No the Luna Moths wings are never the same, if you look at the wings closely you will see they are not the same

How many appendages do Luna moths have?

moths have 5 million appendages

Types of moths?

There are millions of types of moths, but my personal favorite is the Luna Moth.

What does Luna moth symbolize?

In the scientific community, Luna moths don't have a symbolic meaning. To some people, though, Luna moths symbolize rebirth and new beginnings in a spiritual sense.

What is the meaning of the Luna Moth symbol?

Luna moths are a symbol of spiritual transformation.

What are the characteristics of the Luna moth?

luna moths are very attracted to light at night

Are Luna moths a danger to cats?

no luna moth is a danger animal than a cat

Do Luna moths drink?

no because lunamoths do not have a mouth

What do baby moths eat?

Baby moths eat wood and grown-up moths eat cotton

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