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The propeller pushes large quantities of air backwards, i.e. imparts momentum to masses of air.

Since momentum is conserved, the boat acquires momentum in the opposite direction, i.e. forward.

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What does mechanical energy in own words?

Mechanical energy is a combination of its potential and kinetic energy. For example when a goes forward that is potential energy when it stops that is kinetic energy. thanks(:

What energy transformations occur in an airplane?

The primary one is the conversion of the chemical energy in the fuel into thermal energy, which is heat energy. This is converted into mechanical energy by the jet engines, and this delivers thrust that forces the plane forward through the air. Then it's all mechanical energy conversions to provide lift and move the plane forward.

What kind of force and energy does rollerblading use?

A rollerblader's leg muscles convert chemical (potential) energy into kinetic (mechanical) energy, which propels them forward.

The sum of an objects kinetic and potential energy?

That is known as the mechanical energy.That is known as the mechanical energy.That is known as the mechanical energy.That is known as the mechanical energy.

What creates mechanical energy?

Mechanical energy consist of kinetic and potential energy..these are the causes Mechanical energy

What is th definition of Mechanical energy?

The definition of mechanical energy is energy in a mechanical form

How do you convert thermal energy into electrical energy and are electrical energy and mechanical energy the same thing?

I don't know how to convert it, but I'll answer the second question.Mechanical energy is made from say...a Bike, the energy that makes it move and pulls it forward is considered mechanical energy. Electrical energy is made from a lightbulb, or anything that is electrical. So to answer that question..No, mechanical energy is not the same as electrical energy.Answer:Electrical Energy is consumed by, it is not made from a lightbulb or anything that is electrical... Steam (thermal energy) drives a turbine which drives a generator (mechanical energy) which produces electrical energy.No they are not the same thing aside from both being forms of energy.Electrical energy can be converted into mechanical energy such as plugging in your blender or vacuum cleaner and mechanical energy can be converted to electrical energy as mentioned in the example of the generator above.

What type of energy do buses have?

Mechanical energy drives the bus forward, which is produced in the engine from the chemical energy in the fuel, and the lights use electrical energy. The chemical energy in the fuel originally comes from the Sun.

How do you use mechanical energy in our community?

Most of the devices that we use in society is a kind of mechanical energy. Mechanical energy is the energy of the other. Elevators. Convert electrical energy into mechanical. The car. Converted to mechanical energy is fossil. A bicycle. Muscular body converts energy to mechanical energy.

Can an object have both mechanical and kinetic energy?

If an object has kinetic energy, then almost BY DEFINITION it has mechanical energy. "Mechanical energy" is the sum of kinetic energy and potential energy.

What is the energy pyramid for The Everglades?

the answer is pi

What converts mechanical energy into mechanical energy?

potiental energy

Which energy is converted when you are cycling?

In your muscles, chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy.In your muscles, chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy.In your muscles, chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy.In your muscles, chemical energy is converted into mechanical energy.

The conversion of electrical energy in to mechanical energy?

Motors convert electrical energy to mechanical energy. Generators transfer mechanical energy to electrical energy.

What are examples for mechanical heat energy?

As far as I know, there is no such thing as "mechanical heat energy"; there is mechanical energy, and there is heat energy.

What is the mechanical energy on an object?

Mechanical energy is the sum of energy in a mechanical system. This energy includes bothkinetic energy, the energy of motion, and potential energy, the stored energy of position

Is acoustic energy same as mechanical energy?

No. But it is a type of mechanical energy.

What is mechanical energy and it's examples?

a mechanical energy is a kind of energy

What kind of energy does mechanical energy?

Mechanical energy is the combination of kinetic energy and potential energy.

What is the formula for finding mechanical energy?

potential energy+kinetic energy=mechanical energy

What is the sum of Mechanical energy?

Mechanical energy is the sum of potential energy and kinetic energy.

What is the energy transfer from a microphone to a speaker?

mechanical energy-electrical energy-mechanical energy

How do you convert windnergy into mechanical energy?

how do we convert wind energy into mechanical energy

FOOD EATEN - _____ -> mechanical energy and?

Chemical Energy

What is an example of mechanical energy changing to electrical energy?

exaples of mechanical energy