How do airsoft pellets biodegrade?

Updated: 10/23/2022
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All i know is that airsoft pellets are made of plastic. Therefore, it would take a very, very, very long time to biodegrade, just like any other solid plastic product. Hope this helped :)

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Q: How do airsoft pellets biodegrade?
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What is an airsoft gun reservoir?

That is where the pellets are stored in the gun.

WHY is a plastic BB gun illegal what about air shot plastic pellets?

Airsoft is legal in many countries. Any gun that shoots plastic pellets are airsoft guns.

Can you shoot airsoft pellets out of a paintball gun?

No. Paintballs are much MUCH larger than airsoft pellets (.50-inch and higher), the guns' feed mechanisms are completely different.

Are air soft pellets poisons?

of course not, although its not safe to swallow airsoft pellets are plastc, not led.

Can you putt airsoft pellets in bb guns?

No it's not a good idea. The pellets are not designed for BB guns

Can you make airsoft pellets?

Not worth it. You may damage your gun

Where are airsoft pellets sold at?

Airsoft pellets sold at between 100 to 300$ by the place. This amount can vary across the globe and especially across different cities of United States of America.

What company owns the right to airsoft?

No company owns the rights to airsoft. Airsoft is just a general term for an air rifle that shoots plastic pellets. BB rifles also shoot plastic pellets, but a true airsoft gun uses a more complicated firing system then that of BB guns.

How do you make airsoft bullets?

I would highly recommend that you do not make your own airsoft pellets. They might jam and or brake your gun.

Can the plstic on a airsoft gun break if it is shot?

It's something which could potentially happen, but isn't likely to when hit with airsoft pellets.

How many pellets are in a round for a 16-pellet magazine for an airsoft gun?


Do you use bbs or pellets with a airsoft gun?

pellet=no bb's= 6mm plastic not copper.